Today was an early day at Rörby where a  saddle fitter for the JES saddles came to give and final fit two saddles for two girls from my stable. As my trainer is an ambassador for the brand, she invited me to come also and have a chat and to see if these saddles could be something for me and Vasara.

What's so special about these saddles is that they are completely changeable. This means that it's not needed to buy new saddles as the horse changes, you only adjust the one you have.
They are quite expensive though, 34 000 - 44 000 SEK, and as I need both a dressage and jumping saddle there's no way of getting both for a loooong time. So I'm also looking into the WOW saddles which allows you to have one 'skeleton' and then switch the top between dressage and jumping. 

The JES saddles are handed out with one months trial period, which is great, and you are allowed to pay them off for a year. But still, it's double the expense compared to a new okay saddle. BUT they key here is of course that those are not changeable, leaving me in a hard state of changing saddles several times before she is "finished" building muscles.


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