Two arms - two bandaids

I was the bravest of the brave today.
The moment I had left the office I went to a clinic to get my second tick vaccine. There was a line, and a family ahead of me. The daughter was terrified and when she went into the boot like room which hasn't even got a door, she was screaming like a maniac. It took the nurse five minutes to give the girl her shot, and she screamed like she was being tortured the whole time. She yelled that it was so painful, please stop, please let go, etc.
Being quite nervous about getting shots myself, this made me dizzy and sweaty like hell. 

But I went in and got the vaccine. So now I'm protected, and will get the third shot in a few months.

But I did not stop there. I decided, right there and then, to get the first Gardasil shot! I have heard horror stories about how painful it is, but I took it any way.
I'm so good!

Problem is; had I been brave a month ago when I got the first tick vaccine I could have gotten two Gardasil shots for free. Now I will turn 26 12 days too late,, as you have to wait two months to ensure protection.
So, I will pay 1500 SEK per shot from now on (3 in total, two left) fucking hell!!


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