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Thanks mom

Mom gave me a new Thomas Sabo charm for my birthday. I have almost filled two bracelets now.

Wedding dress

I'm beginning to panic. I need to find a dress to wear to Martin and Diana's wedding next weekend. I need what kind of dress and want but finding it, while working and having Vasara...? I need to look tomorrow!
And me and Mathias need to practice our waltz.

A heavy day

Today is a heavy day.
My wonderful friend Marre is moving to Gothenburg to study. I will miss her so much, but I think this will be absolutely perfect for her.
It's also a day filled with worry for tomorrow.

So close

Tomorrow we're picking up the trailer and on Monday we're going back to the clinic.I'm nervous now. God I just want to get started again.


The past days me and Mathias has seen the first three Hannibal movies. Tonight we will see the fourth and final one.

Autumn cleaning

We've been cleaning between 9 and 4 today. Omg I'm tired. But omg it was worth it.
When I got to the stable I had to do some more cleaning, as Vasara had spent the whole day rolling around in the wet mud (it's been pouring rain all day) so I had to hose her down.
Now I'm in the sofa. So well deserved.

I love you mommy





I have finished 39 out of 77 croqueting squares.
I'm a machine!


I've started to look at some other stables. I feel like it's time, with winter approaching quickly. I need to have real training (let alone riding at all) possibilities, and in a short while our paddock will turn into an ice-skating rink.
The good part is that since I already have both the horse and somewhere to stay, this time around I can be a lot more picky. Last time I chose to settle for 'ok' because I was so eager to get going.
What I want from my new stable: - indoor ménage with a good base - outdoor paddock, with good base. - several good and long trails to ride, without breaking any bones. - trainers available.  - bigger pastures. - open design in the stable, I want my horse to be able to look out from her stall and be part of what's going on. - a real hose station with warm water. - more storage possibilities, including one for hanging wet blankets. - lunch feedings included in rent - preferably no collective in/out to/from pasture on weekends, but this is not a dema…

I'm holy

Forgot to tell. I got stuck on a nail and ripped my pants. 
A few weeks ago I did the same to my sweater, but at least I didn't have to show my panties that time.

Last date?

Yesterday my dear Marre came over. Since she's moving to Gothenburg sometime during the coming week, this was probably the last time we saw each other before she leaves.

We baked cookies, did A LOT of croqueting and sewing. But we also opened presents!

Several changes

Yesterday was the last day when I had to take other persons horses to or from the pasture.

Vasara and Elvera has been separated and Vasara will now go with Splash instead. They have been standing next to each other inside the stable for six months so they know each other and it was nothing dramatic about letting them into the same pasture.
This change means that me and Teresa will help each other only, both with pastures and lunch feedings.

One more week to possible domesday

Next Monday it's time to head back to the clinic with Vasara. If her limping hasn't improved even more by then they will start the big investigation with all the injections etc, etc. I am quite nervous and restless, but I can do nothing but hope for the best.

I havent ridden her for 7 weeks and it's such a horrile feeling. It's extremely de-motivating.
But once again; all I can do is to hope for good news next Monday.

omg omg omg

So if by some chance you've missed it, the European Championships in show jumping, dressage and eventing is almost over.
After the AMAZING bronze taken by the Swedish team, it's time for the individual finals today.. the countdown is on, and my heart is racing. Go Roffe, GO!

Mårten Trotzig

Yesterday's dinner at the famous restaurant Mårten Trotzig was so much fun and the food was great.
I ate: Roasted fillet of reindeer with blackcurrant sauce, blackberry cream, potatoes and chanterelle timbales flavored with Skärvångens goat cheese
And Dark chocolate sorbet, milk chocolate ice cream,
white chocolate sorbet served with almond and-
chocolate crumbs

Just saying

Dear god I love my horse.


Today has been an extremely stressful day.
I had to get up one hour earlier than usual in order to have time to get to the office, pick up my (heavy) stuff and catch the bus to Trosa. On the bus I had to work on my 90 minutes long lecture I were to have once I arrived.
I'm always nervous right before a lecture, and then it all goes away once I get on stage an I really start to enjoy it. Today, this was not the case. One of my colleagues, whom I really dislike, ruined my whole lecture. He was rude, arrogant, embarrasses me in front of everyone and cut my sentences several times. I didn't have time to say what I wanted before he said it instead and hinted at my fault for not saying it. I was so mad I was almost crying once I got on the bus to go home. During the lecture? I was cool and professional, of course.
Once I got back to Liljeholmen I immediate caught the bus home, jumped in the car and drove to the stable. Once there, I had to rush to finish as I had to get home before rush…

Going to Trosa

I'm on my way down to the little Swedish town called Trosa. (Translation = pantie).
I'm heading down to a conference for our sellers where I've been given a time slot to teach them how KWS works.
How do I get there? Well, by Trosabussen (the pantie buss) of course!

First few days of work

I'm back at work after my 4 weeks of vacation. It's not at all as bad as I thought it would be; I got back into the routines fairly quickly and I'm really having fun again.The only thing that's really challenging is that I've been unable to sleep for three nights in a row. I'm really dependent on my sleep so one night really is bad enough, but three.... 
Already, I have reached this weeks half point.

2 more to goal

I said that I were to finish 10 squares before Monday, and I've done 8. So only two more to go before I reach my goal, and after that 67 until I can start to assemble the blanket.
The blanket + pattern can be found here:

A whole lot of apples

I picked a bag of apples in Yvonne's garden and in on of the pastures. Vasara was so happy.
And on top of it, I got 5 kilos more from my local grocery store. So now both Vasara and I will eat apples until we turn green.

I can't take more drama

Seriously, enough already!
Today Vasara and Bullen was in the walking machine when Helene hung a big rug next to it, making them both panic. After spinning around several turns, getting hit by the steel separator a both in her head and but, Vasara jumped the fence and ended up on the inside of the walking area, where the machine itself is. I ran to her aid. And of course we were stuck, caged by the wooden fence. So Inger and Helene had to break loose the boards in order to get us out.
I iced her leg and walked with her for 30 minutes, and it seems like she made it without a scratch, thanks god.
Helene was so sorry and apologized, but things like these happens so I can't be upset with her. The timing is just way off...

Home alone

Mathias is sailing with kristoffer, so I'm home alone. I will spend my evening drinking tea, croqueting and watching the last episodes of pretty little liars season four. I have re-watched the whole series dying my vacation.

Last three days

Now it's only three days left of my vacation. This last week has flown by in record speed and it really sucks. 
I'm worried that I haven't had enough time to really rest, and that I won't make it until Christmas.
Also, the pressure is really on as my new employee is starting and I need to plan his first week.


Yesterday Anna came by and helped me get started with the blanket I'm gonna make for mom as a Christmas present.

It consists of 77 crocheted squares, with a wheel design. I manage to do 2, very proud, and now it's 75 to go before the squares will be put together.


I have Vasara her first dose of metacam yesterday. She was SO good and gaped for me and swallowed everything, even though she thought it tasted awful. She got lots of carrots afterwards and I hope that today's dose will go as smoothly.


Yesterday Marre came over. It was great to finally see her as it been ages.

We watched Revenge and did some crafting; Marre made a tote bag with a cool map print, and I did two Easter bunnies (wrong season yes but they are as cute all year round) and then started to knit a scarf.

Childhood memories

It's strange being here. The race track where I spent almost 20 hours a week when I was a child. The place where I had my first pony :)

There are so many memories, it's crazy. Running along side mom and the horses as they were being walked to the track to race, or just after a race. The flowerbeds where I played that I was a show jumping horse. The winning circle where we stood many times....
They will tear it down to build new condos, and build a new track somewhere else. It's really about time as everything is a bit worn down but still, sad.


It's hard being at the clinic. I just heard a woman collapse into tears and almost hysteria as she got really bad news about her horse.
The horse in the stall next to mine will have to stay in his stall at home for 9 months due to a crack deep I'm his hoof. 
Another horse has both hind legs in bandages and can hardly walk. Suddenly I feel very lucky that Vasaras injury is not thy serious.

At the clinic

I'm currently sitting outside the clinic at the race track in Täby. We're done for the day, but me and Vasara will stay here until 4.30 when they close, as Mathias had to take the car and go to his office immediately after dropping us, and the trailer, of this morning.
The vet, Ingela Liwång, is one of the absolute best in the whole country. She has saved many of our race horses, and she remembers me from when I was a child, and my pony Pelle :) She is amazing and I feel so safe putting Vasara in her capable hands.
The prognosis is quite good. Vasara has what I called a 'karprygg'. She is only limping a bit and has no pain so everything has healed really quickly.  I have been given a prescription for some anti inflammatory medicine which will hopefully help to heal the last bit of limping, and a powder to add to her pellet which will help her keep up her muscles. I will continue like I have done, walking her every day, for 3 more weeks together with the medicine, and then …


Vasaras stall has now been cleaned and painted, so I worked really hard once more while moving all the bedding back into her stall, and cleaning out the one I borrowed. It looks great!

The list

When I turned 25  set up this list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. Slowly I'm crossing things off.
1. Buy a horse. 2. Compete in, and win, a show jumping competition. 3. Get my drivers license. 4. Participate in a 10 kilometer running race  5. Go on a roadtrip somewhere in Europe. 6. Resolve my issues with my dad. 7. Move to a new, bigger, apartment and design it according to my wishes. 8. Learn to play the guitar or the piano. 9. Record a song in a studio. 10. Go to Italy  11. Go on a horseback riding vacation 12. Dance all night and party like it's 1999. 13. Do some kind of charity work, preferable for women or horses. 14. Start doing paintings again. 15. Write another monologue. 16. Really clean out the attic and get rid of all the stuff I don't want to keep. Live light! 17. Learn how to do crocheting. 18. Go on a hike in the north of Sweden or another cool place 19. Finish my laser treatments for permanent hair removal. 20. Go see a chiropractor and get help with my shoul…

Gotland day 3

The final day was spent in the nothern parts of Gotland, mostly at Fårö. It was amazingly beautiful and I was sad to leave. We saw swedens biggest Rauk area, stunning beaches and ocean views and experienced exactly what people mean when they say that Gotland is like a distant country.

At 7 PM we boarded the ferry and headed home. We'll be coming back, for sure.

Gotland day 2

Day 2 was spent touring the sothern part of Gotland. We left after breakfast and drove all the way down to the southern edge where the famouse rauk called Hoburgsgubben can be found. it's a rauk that, when seen from an angle, looks like a man.  On the way down we stopped at some nice spots, found some cows and caves, and ate home made buns from a café.
When we left Hoburgsgubben behind, we were fighting the clock as we were supposed to be in Mästerby at 2 PM to watch the reenactment of the famous battle that took place there in 1361. We were very exited as our favorite historian Dick Harrisson would talk the audience through the battle. Mathias had been looking forward to this for weeks.  At the entrance, just in time, we realized that Mathias wallet was nowhere to be found. He had forgotten it in the bathrrom of the café, 100 kilometers away.... Luckily enough, they accepted card payment and we were able to see Dick and the battle, before we had to go back the way we came to pic…

Gotland day 1

Day 1. we left home at 5 AM and headed to the ferry in Nynäshamn. At 10 AM we arrived in Visby, checked in to the hotel (500 meters from the ferry) and then headed to explore Visby (500 meters from the hotel).
This week was a bit special as the yearly medieval festival was taking place. This meant lots of tourists and things going on.
It was a very rainy day, but that did not stop of from walking all the streets, visiting the markets, watching grown fat men wearing armor battling it out, and having a really good 3 course dinner in the evening at Donners brunn. 


After 2 days of drooling over the thought of chocolate I headed down to the store and bought a box of merci. Yummie in my tummie!

Keeping it up

Yesterday's visit to Mando went very well, I continue to be a good girl and I'm really happy with myself.

So inspiring!!

My jumping instructor, Karoline Goldberg, had an amazing trip to Falsterbo where her horse won the championship for 7 year olds, beating olympic rider Marcus Ehning!!


We're leaving for Gotland tomorrow! Really looking forward to it, all though I'm sooo sick of packing!


Yesterday Lena Lilja came to the stable to fit saddles for Jeanette and Anna.
I took the chance to have her take a look at my saddle, and she was horrified by it. It's such a bad fit that it's scary.
My heart broke. I was so happy to have found that saddle and trusted Åsa when she said it fitted. And now I got it confirmed that its very possible that it is the reason for her back troubles.
I will try to sell it ASAP, and I will definitely ask Lena to come out and help me find a new saddle (whenever Vasara is cleared...). I really got a great impression of her and she tough me so much without ever trying to sell anything to me.