At the clinic

I'm currently sitting outside the clinic at the race track in Täby. We're done for the day, but me and Vasara will stay here until 4.30 when they close, as Mathias had to take the car and go to his office immediately after dropping us, and the trailer, of this morning.

The vet, Ingela Liwång, is one of the absolute best in the whole country. She has saved many of our race horses, and she remembers me from when I was a child, and my pony Pelle :)
She is amazing and I feel so safe putting Vasara in her capable hands.

The prognosis is quite good. Vasara has what I called a 'karprygg'. She is only limping a bit and has no pain so everything has healed really quickly. 
I have been given a prescription for some anti inflammatory medicine which will hopefully help to heal the last bit of limping, and a powder to add to her pellet which will help her keep up her muscles. I will continue like I have done, walking her every day, for 3 more weeks together with the medicine, and then we will come back to the clinic for a status check. If its better - great. I not - we'll have to start injections to locate the problem.

It was also great to her that she thinks that Vasara in in very good health and that there is nothing weird going on in any muscles etc besides the karprygg, which can show up on any horse at any time. I think the saddle is to blame this time though.

I brought everything I have on her with me, so Ingela say down with me and looked at all the x-ray pics and protocols which was great. Everything's perfectly fine :)

I also took the opportunity to vaccine Vasara against botulism, and next visit we'll top of her general vaccine.

Now I'm waiting for my mom to come and pick me up for lunch. Vasara has already eaten hers, and will soon fall asleep I hope.


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