Depend GelLack

I have tried it for a few months now and I must say that I'm very happy and impressed with this amazing product!

I have always taken good care of my nails, and when I was at school it was super easy to have long and beautiful nails with regular nail products. I used Scratch Nails, and they are absolutely fantastic. Then I could keep a manicure for 5-7 days.
But when I got Vasara, the same manicure would only last for one day, for obvious reasons....

So I tried the new Depend product; GelLack. It holds for at least 5 days, sometimes up to 10! And that's when I'm in the stable everyday, really tearing at it.

So imagine this product without the stable... Not that there was an excuse to have ugly nails before, but now there REALLY isn't one. Who wants to look like a hobo?

Btw this ring is my favorite, from France.


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