I've started to look at some other stables. I feel like it's time, with winter approaching quickly. I need to have real training (let alone riding at all) possibilities, and in a short while our paddock will turn into an ice-skating rink.

The good part is that since I already have both the horse and somewhere to stay, this time around I can be a lot more picky. Last time I chose to settle for 'ok' because I was so eager to get going.

What I want from my new stable:
- indoor ménage with a good base
- outdoor paddock, with good base.
- several good and long trails to ride, without breaking any bones.
- trainers available. 
- bigger pastures.
- open design in the stable, I want my horse to be able to look out from her stall and be part of what's going on.
- a real hose station with warm water.
- more storage possibilities, including one for hanging wet blankets.
- lunch feedings included in rent
- preferably no collective in/out to/from pasture on weekends, but this is not a demand.
- preferably 1 change of blankets per day included in rent.
- preferably the bedding is included in rent.
- changing/locker rooms would be very nice.

So far I've found two places, and they are about 5-10 minutes further away by car, so that's manageable. They have greater possibilities when it comes to getting there by bus I think, I'll have to check that closer. I will call them next week after the clinic when I know more about what's gonna happen, and see if they have any stalls available and if I can come and have a look.


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