Today has been an extremely stressful day.

I had to get up one hour earlier than usual in order to have time to get to the office, pick up my (heavy) stuff and catch the bus to Trosa.
On the bus I had to work on my 90 minutes long lecture I were to have once I arrived.

I'm always nervous right before a lecture, and then it all goes away once I get on stage an I really start to enjoy it. Today, this was not the case. One of my colleagues, whom I really dislike, ruined my whole lecture. He was rude, arrogant, embarrasses me in front of everyone and cut my sentences several times. I didn't have time to say what I wanted before he said it instead and hinted at my fault for not saying it. I was so mad I was almost crying once I got on the bus to go home. During the lecture? I was cool and professional, of course.

Once I got back to Liljeholmen I immediate caught the bus home, jumped in the car and drove to the stable. Once there, I had to rush to finish as I had to get home before rush hour, otherwise I would never have time to shower and get to our dinner reservation with my highest boss.

I'm on my way to that dinner now. I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast until 30 minutes ago when I gulped down 3 sandwiches.

Dear god I hope I will get some sleep tonight.


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