The list

When I turned 25  set up this list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. Slowly I'm crossing things off.

1. Buy a horse.
2. Compete in, and win, a show jumping competition.
3. Get my drivers license.
4. Participate in a 10 kilometer running race 
5. Go on a roadtrip somewhere in Europe.
6. Resolve my issues with my dad.
7. Move to a new, bigger, apartment and design it according to my wishes.
8. Learn to play the guitar or the piano.
9. Record a song in a studio.
10. Go to Italy 
11. Go on a horseback riding vacation
12. Dance all night and party like it's 1999.
13. Do some kind of charity work, preferable for women or horses.
14. Start doing paintings again.
15. Write another monologue.
16. Really clean out the attic and get rid of all the stuff I don't want to keep. Live light!
17. Learn how to do crocheting.
18. Go on a hike in the north of Sweden or another cool place
19. Finish my laser treatments for permanent hair removal.
20. Go see a chiropractor and get help with my shoulders and neck.
21. Go on a crazy shoppingspree at NK/Åhléns city/mall of Scandinavia
22. Get a job.
23. Get my green card.
24. Play trough a Nancy Drew game without any help from in-game hints, walkthoughs or other sources.
25. Write a song.
26. Go on a long hike in the north of Sweden or Norway.
27. Do snowboarding again.
28. See northern lights.
29. Go back to New Zealand.
30. Put all the things that makes me feel bad today behind me.


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