Wedding coming up

In just a month there are two big things happening; I'm turning 26, and our friends are getting married. Funny thing is, these events will take place on the same day ;) so no birthday party for me, but a huge party non the less.
The wedding will be held in the south of Sweden as that's where the couple is from. It will be such a nice trip!

It's time to start looking for a dress. I have several that would fit the occasion, but I want something new. Plus, me and Mathias can match our outfits better then. I haven't really decided on what kind of dress I want, and I need to ask what the color theme of the wedding will be. 

Mathias will probably use his newest suit, it has a modern cut but is very classic. 
I'm so glad I haven't got a boyfriend that still uses his old graduation suit, like all the suckers at my old university. Mathias owns several designer suits and is not buying them just because he has to. Thank god.


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