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What a bargain!

The yearly sale took place at Hogsta this weekend, so of course I had to go.
I didn't have too high hopes as Hogsta only carries the most expensive brands, and the sale had already been going on for two days so... But either way, it's always fun to look.
I brought Bella with me and we were there the minute they opened. As I had guessed, all normal sizes were gone on the blankets etc. shame because they did have really nice ones and it was on 70%!! 
I did however get a free lunch, as they were serving sausages and buns. And I did make two bargains: a new bitt for 100 SEK and a really promising pad for my bareback saddle for 39(!) SEK.
Very happy, I returned home.


On Saturday me and Vasara took our first ride in the new saddle.

We rode for 1,5 hours, all the way to Rörby and back. And we finally found the prepared horse tracks and they were better than I had thought. 
The saddle was really comfortable and I could feel Vasara really clearly underneath me. But after 45 minutes I had sat on the fluf long enough to make it not so fluffy, and the pain started.  So when we got back I added the two filling pads to the saddle and I'll try it again on Tuesday. I am allowed to ride every third day for two weeks, then every other day for two weeks, then normally :)
All I can say is, that it was absolutely wonderful to ride again.



It's here it's here it's here!

I got my saddle yesterday!!! Didn't try it out though because I had so much to talk to people about, and preparing the saddle with the wool etc, that it got pitch dark outside. But today is the day!


I admit it.

I'm a sucker for cuteness, especially when there's animals involved. So when I found these candies at the reception of the hotel in Borås, I really didn't have a fair chance.

There and back again

My trip to Borås went very well! I'm so happy and relieved as the last trip was such a disaster.Now I have a happy memory from our Swedish headquarters.


When I signed my employment contract for kwintet it said that I have 6 weeks of vacation, and the first year I will be granted vacation in advance, as I have not yet had the time to work up any days.
So I took 4 weeks in July/august and saved one week for Iceland and one for Christmas.
Then Tomas told me, two days ago, that he didn't think I had 6 weeks this first year... So I called our HR manager and she said, no, I had 4 weeks and I've spent then all. So now I have really screwed up as I'm going to Iceland for three days....
 I can't believe how stupid I've been not to double check....!!

On my way to Borås

Just arrived in Gothenburg. Now it's time to head to the bus which will take us the rest of the way to Borås.

Behind schedule

Every year, in October, I finish my Christmas shopping. I have then spent the whole year planning on what to give Mathias, and I normally decide about everyone else during September. This year, I'm so behind. All the work and Vasara has made me unable to spend the usual time thinking about presents, and I still haven't got a clue about what I'm gonna give Mathias.
The list: Mom for Christmas: decided, started Mom for her birthday: decides, started  Marre: almost decided Anna: almost decided Tomas: no idea Vasara: haven't decided Mathias: omfg panic!!!!!!
I take such pride in my presents to my partner. Last year he got engraved cuff links, a cashmere sweater, and a shaving set with a brush made out of silvertip badger hair. This year... Omg.

It's time

It's the end of September, and my throat is getting soar. Every year, like clock work.
I'll be fine again in April.


Yesterday we headed out deep into the offrest, hunting for mushrooms, but really the main thing was to get out in the wood and have some fun.
We did find some mushrooms, that we think were chanterelles (which we were looking for) but we were a bit unsure so in the end we poured everything in a ditch on our way home ^^

But we did have a great time, 90 minutes in the wood. So cozy to have Mathias join me!


Anje cliped Vasaras coat yesterday. I have no idea how she looks yet, I just handed her over to Anja, saw that Vasaras was calm when she started clipping (of course she was just as awesome as always) and then me and Mathias headed home.
It's so good to finally have it done! I'm gonna offer Anja to muck out her stall for a week, instead of money.

Pics from Kolmården


Another week down

Time is really scaring me; it's already Friday - again. But wasn't it Monday just yesterday??
The days are all flying by in a blink of an eye, which I take as a sign that I really enjoy my work, but still it feels like I have no control.


This weekend me and Mathias will go out in the woods, Vasara will come along of course, to pick some mushrooms.
This is the first time in my life I'm picking anything in the wood (except for some blueberries as a child at our country house) and I'm really looking forward to it! Unless there are lots of spiders and stuff.... Ugh.

Time to clip some coats

Anja will help me (for some money of course) to clip Vasaras coat this weekend. 
It's already getting so cold and WET during the days that she needs her blanket, but it's really warm in the stable at night, making fungus a threat. So it's time to "shed some fur" :)

Before and after


Walking in twilight


Baby's got a new pajama


Bareback saddle - check!

The order is placed!Taur will get a delivery somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday next week and they will send it ASAP. Then it's 3-5 delivery days before I have it.

Time to order!

After many days of thinking I've decided which bareback saddle I will buy: ride on pad physio.
Really, I had decided a while back but it was out of stock and came back in yesterday. Problem is that all that came in had been pre-booked so they're out again. Why? There has been an article about it in a German horse magazine and it has become so popular that the manufacturer can't keep up with the demand.
I can get on from this place if I order today, those saddles will arrive next week which means at least two more weeks of not riding before I get it.
I did some searching and found two other places that sells it, so I will call them up today an see if they have it in stock and if they do, I'll order straight away.
So either way, I will order it today.


9 days until Borås 9 days until the next paycheck16 days until my 4 year mark in Solna
17 days until Iceland  17 days intill my 1 year mark at kwintet

Saddle traider

My beloved saddle that's not a good fit for Vasara is now out on the market to be sold. Åsa posted it on her Facebook yesterday and already there's a girl who will pick it up tonight and take it with her to a saddle fitting. So we'll just have to wait and see, the chances that the saddle fits are never great so I am not hopeful yet. It would just feel soooo good to get it sold and put the money back in my account.

Rainy day

It's pouring rain, hallelujah it's pouring rain!
I'm so happy!!!!!!!
But poor Vasara, without a blanket. I will have to ask Teresa if she can put one on.

Greeting old friends

Yesterday me and Mathias headed to solna centrum to meet my old classmate and friend from university, Johan.
We haven't seen each other for almost a year which is crazy as we used to spend every hours every day together before. Then reality checks in when you start to work. It just to face it, it's reality that you don't have time to see friends at all in the same way you did while studying. Everyone has their own new life, and you have to make due with the time that you can get.
Either how, it was really great to see him, and meet his new girlfriend who funnily enough went in the same class as Mathias! Irony :D

Perfect Saturday

This Saturday me, mom and Mathias went to Kolmården. We were invited by the bank who treated us to everything, and it was absolutely perfect!
When we arrived (everyone went by the banks buss, except for me and Mathias who took the car as I had to bring to horses in from the pasture in the evening) we were greeted by a big bank tent where we were given a soft toy dolphin, tickets, lunch voucher, ice cream vouchers and tickets to the reserved section of the dolphin show.
Then we were free to do our own strolling until 1 when the dolphin show should start. I took the lead and we saw lots of animals, had lunch at the African buffet, saw some more animals and then headed to the dolphins to see their show.
And WOW, I'm still stunned, the show was absolutely AMAZING! I will recommend it to everyone. Just amazing. Both me and Mathias had tears in our eyes.
After the show we went to the "safari ski lift tour" where we saw even more animals from a different perspective. Then we headed …


Today we're heading to Kolmården and I'm sooo excited!!

An evening with Christopher O'reagan

On Thursday evening me, mom and Mathias went too Drottningholms slottsteater to see Christopher O'reagans history lecture/show. It was really great and interesting, and I learnt a lot.

Happy and touched

Thank you SO MUCH Anna and Marre for your birthday packages. I was so happy and touched that I have such sweet friends! <3


Remember these? PEZ candy + dispensor - true nostalgia! Tomas gave me one.

Wedding guest



I've just called both stables that I'm interested in. As I guessed, none of them have available stalls, and both have people moving very rarely.
But in the stable where I most want to go, they actually have one spot open, which a girl will say yes/no to today... And if she says no, there is a queue waiting for  spot; but most of them will have moved somewhere else already or wants 2 stalls. So there is a small chance....

The Wedding

On Friday we drove straight down to Helsingborg after work. This trip took 7 hours but didn't feel that long. Ron and Sarit joined us in the car, so the fuel costs were kept down.
After arriving to the hotel I made the first preparations before the big day and then went straight to bed. But only after tasting the chocolates that had been left for us at the hotel room, together with 2 bottles of wine as a welcome gift.
On Saturday we basically had breakfast, went out and bought a pair of flat shoes for me to dance in, rested for one hour and then we spent a lot of time getting ready. At 2, we left for the church and at 3 the ceremony began. 
The ceremony in the church was absolutely wonderful and perfect. I cried the whole way through (1 hour...). The bride was stunning, the church was beautiful, the love tangible... Just perfect.
After the church we headed to a private estate for dinner and the party. This was just as perfect with exquisite food an wine, waltzing, lovely speeches and f…

On the way

To Helsingborg

Birthday. One day early.

I got to celebrate my birthday one day early as tomorrow is Martin and Diana's wedding day.

Mathias woke me up with cake, presents and singing. I got the most amazing Barbour jacket!!!!!! Omg I still can't believe it.

At work Tomas surprised me with lots of candy!

One last day

There's only one day left of my 25th year of life.
It's been an extremely eventful year, including: - getting my green card - getting a job - being promoted at work - buying a horse - getting my drivers license - getting ITIL and PRINCE2 certifications - buying a car - visiting Austria, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Norway. - and thousand other things :)
I think this qualifies as a successful year of living.


I'm packing all I'll need for this weekends wedding.We'll leave around four tomorrow and will arrive in Helsingborg very late, maybe at 1 in the morning. Then it's straight to bed and when we wake up it's time to get ready for the wedding.

Even though it feels weird that they will 'steal' my birthday, it will be one heck of a party, that's for sure.


It's so close...! In just 9,5 hours I'll be opening my birthday gifts from Mathias. I haven't thought about anything else all week; it's like I have some special present-addiction. Omg I want to open it noooow!!!!

Eventful ride

Yesterday I got to ride Vasara again for the first time in almost 10 weeks. It was absolutely great, I could barely wait all day before I got to go to the stable.
I borrowed Anna's bareback saddle and went out to the woods. It was lovely and Vasara wa sooo happy, and so was I.
Halfway through thought, Vasara stared to the left, a bit too interested. I turned to look and saw two big things; two mooses.  Having heard of several bad incidents, including my mom and neighbor being chased by moose moms "protecting" their kids, I froze and quickly turned around, almost in panic. Vasara was not panicked at all and couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Of we went in the opposite direction, and hurries back home.
Almost home the next interesting meeting took place. A motor cross driver going full speed, spurting mud and stone in each corner. Once again, Vasara didn't care at all and luckily the driver had enough sense to stop and drive slowly past us.
My butt really hurts t…

First trailer drive

I actually drove the trailer back to the renter on Monday after the clinic. I was so proud, it wasn't so bad at all.

Of course it was empty so it will be a bit different with Vasara in it, but that's just the actual gear work that will be different. Now I have a feel for where the trailer is in comparison to the car etc.
As the guy who I rent from is so nice, I am hopeful that we can rent a trailer for one or two hours now and then and practice.

@ the "office"

As I'm working from the clinic today, I set up quite a nice little workstation.


Thank you god.

Vasara is better and I'm allowed to start riding again. Will start by riding every 3d day for 14 days, then every other day for 14 days and then everyday.
She was much better, but still a bit stuff in her left hind leg. Ingela thought that was from her old accident, which you can only see the scar from.
When she's back in shape we'll start looking at a new saddle and see if everything feels okay. If not, we'll have to return and investigate further.
I will buy a bareback saddle to ride in and attend a course in working her from the ground.
Thank you god, I'm so relieved and happy. And Vasara has been SO good and well-behaved as usual.
I feel like I can breath again.

On our way

We're on our way to the clinic. Vasara was so good, as always, just walking straight into the trailer. Now we're hoping for no traffic problems and at 8 am our appointment starts.
I have brought everything I need to be able to work from the clinic. We're deploying a new version of our Webshop this morning so we need all men aboard. 
I'm so nervous I feel sick. My poor baby, please be okay.

I love you so much


Shout out

I need to recommend L-E Transportfordon with all my heart.

If you use your horse close to Ekerö, this is THE place to rent or buy your trailers.


We'll be at the clinic 7:30 with Vasara. I just want good news and an ok to start riding again.
If I believed in god, I would pray today.

Dress found

I bought this amazing dress today, 1650 SEK from Coast.