Eventful ride

Yesterday I got to ride Vasara again for the first time in almost 10 weeks. It was absolutely great, I could barely wait all day before I got to go to the stable.

I borrowed Anna's bareback saddle and went out to the woods. It was lovely and Vasara wa sooo happy, and so was I.

Halfway through thought, Vasara stared to the left, a bit too interested. I turned to look and saw two big things; two mooses. 
Having heard of several bad incidents, including my mom and neighbor being chased by moose moms "protecting" their kids, I froze and quickly turned around, almost in panic. Vasara was not panicked at all and couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Of we went in the opposite direction, and hurries back home.

Almost home the next interesting meeting took place. A motor cross driver going full speed, spurting mud and stone in each corner. Once again, Vasara didn't care at all and luckily the driver had enough sense to stop and drive slowly past us.

My butt really hurts today. It's definitely not enough to have a bareback saddle on her, I need a gel pad of some kind.
This was my theory and why I borrowed a saddle before buying one.


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