The Wedding

On Friday we drove straight down to Helsingborg after work. This trip took 7 hours but didn't feel that long. Ron and Sarit joined us in the car, so the fuel costs were kept down.

After arriving to the hotel I made the first preparations before the big day and then went straight to bed. But only after tasting the chocolates that had been left for us at the hotel room, together with 2 bottles of wine as a welcome gift.

On Saturday we basically had breakfast, went out and bought a pair of flat shoes for me to dance in, rested for one hour and then we spent a lot of time getting ready. At 2, we left for the church and at 3 the ceremony began. 

The ceremony in the church was absolutely wonderful and perfect. I cried the whole way through (1 hour...).
The bride was stunning, the church was beautiful, the love tangible... Just perfect.

After the church we headed to a private estate for dinner and the party. This was just as perfect with exquisite food an wine, waltzing, lovely speeches and finally lots of dancing.
We left at 2.30 as they were closing and the party continued at the beautiful nightclub at the hotel. However me and Mathias and most others were so tired after over 12 hours of emotional party and went to bed at 3.30. But some went on until 6 :)

Too few hours later we woke up and headed down to the day-after-brunch.
Extremely tired and most people hungover, we ate and the couple opened their presents.

Then it was time to say goodbye, and start the long journey back home. I drove the first 150 kilometers (being the only one who was not at all hungover due to very limited drinking the day before) and then Mathias took over and drove the rest of the way. I slept for an while but mostly played a nancy drew game.

When we got home, I fell asleep like a baby. This weeding has been perfect.


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