A bit of drama

I've noticed that two of the older ladies in the stable started to let their horses out into mine and Teresa's pasture in the evenings. This is not very nice as 1) one of the horses has issues with parasites 2) we spend a lot of time mucking out that pasture every day 3) it very muddy as it is so with two heavy horses extra in it... 4) they give them hay right beside the opening, mening even more mud becuase that's of course the worst spot, and the hay gets stuck deep in the mud so our horses will eat mud trying to pick this up the day after. 5) it's common curtesy to ask the owner of the pasture before using it.

When I asked them to stop using our pasture (theirs is 100 meter away) becuase of the above reasons they were so angry with me. But I stood my ground.

I hope this will blow over soon, I hate conflicts. And I've always been very good friends with both these ladies. So I think they'll forgive me. If not, I'm moving in 1,5 months and at Berga this would never happen - the stable boss would kill them.


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