On Friday I had to go to the emergency room as I suddenly lost sight on one eye. It was really scary, I was at work and suddenly without warning a kind of gel  started spreading in my right eye, which I could not see through.
I lay down in the kitchen and the gel transformed into a cracked shape with colors flashing. Then I started seeing shapes moving around, and I gradually got my regular sight back. Tomas drove me to the ER where they let me see a doctor straight away. He did a neurological examination but couldn't find anything wrong. I then told him about the assault I went through a few years ago and he had a loot at those exrays and eye examinations (they thought that my eye might have been badly injured back then) but he didn't find any connection there either. I aske him if this could be related to stress, but they didn't think so. 

As they couldn't find anything to explain this mystery they told me to go to st:Erik if it happened again.

Saturday I felt really odd and had a headache, but today it's better.


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