Full Monday

Yesterday was a full day.

I arrived at work, wearing comfortable clothes and without having fixed my hair, knowing that I would be in a meeting with Tomas a colleague from Borås.

So I start to work, when Tomas calls me and says that he'll be working from home, and asked if I could take the meeting alone. Of course, I said, when suddenly Birgitta walks through the door, dressed in a suit. Then Fredrik walks in, also properly dressed. I ask them what's going on and they look at me like I'm insane and says that it's for the meeting with *censur customer name*. WHAT?! I said. Are they coming here?!......

So I had to improvise a 2 hour long presentation on the fly, trying to map our budget system to their company needs. 
And I'm proud to say that it went very well and I'm really proud!!

2 hours later, and very tired, I resume work when a mayday comes in; a customer can't reach the system. So quick actions were taken, before we could conclude that the problem was local at their station.

After work, I left for the city center and took my second Gardasil shot. It was really painful, way worse than last time. It aked for several hours afterward, but last time it aked for days... So I don't know which I prefer. Anyhow, 4 more months until the last shot and then I'm finished.

This made me arrive late at the stable and that stressed me as the farrier was coming. When I parked the car I could see his and 5 minutes later he was ready for Vasara. Timing!

I also called the vet to have her come out and give Vasara her last botulism shot, but she didn't answer her phone. Shame, would have been nice to have the done.

When I got home I ate and showered quickly and then we had to really clean the apartment. That took time, but I anyway had the time to do my monthly backup before going to bed, really tired.


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