Iceland day 4 - 6/10

The free day.
Today we had no planned group activities besides for dinner.
So while everyone else went on either a wale watching tour or on a Icelandic saga based history tour, me and Mathias went horseback riding. Of course you can't go to Iceland without riding an icelandic horse in its natural setting.

We had booked the riding at Reykjavik riding center which was located just 15 minutes outside Reykjavik. We were picked up in the morning and went out to the center where we met our horses and a Norweigan family that were to ride with us. The horses were so sweet and well-cared for.

After some coffee and gearing up, we headed out into the beautiful Icelandic nature. I rode a really sweet horse called Hrynjandi, who is an old tölt champion. Mathias rode Steðji.
The ride was so nice! We rode thought lava fields and formations, and even got to cross a stream!

After the ride me and Mathias got to do some tölting on their competition track, and it was amazing. It's so different compared to English riding. And Mathias was so good, I'm proud of him!

When we got back we were served warm lobster soup and bread, before going back home to the hotel. 
We will get an email with pictures from the tour, looking forward to those!

I can warmly recomend this place for all who wants to ride when in Reykjavik.

In the evening we had dinner at the fancy restaurant Perlan. It was great food, in a beautiful, rotating, dome overlooking all of Reykjavik. 


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