Make your mind up time

I went to Berga to meet the owner this morning. We sat down and had a chat in their cafeteria/course room located in the riding ménage so you can look at the riders. Then we went and had a look at the stable and everything.

The deal is:
- rent is 4300/month, which is what I am already paying. In this, the following is included:
- 1 bal of peat a week
- putting on one blanket in the morning
- out to pasture weekdays
- breakfast, morning meal, lunch weekdays.
- free access to the ménage except for course days.

This is 
- 1 evening every 20th weekday when all horses should be brought in and fed.
- 1 morning and 1 evening every 20th day on weekends.
- 1 weekly area of responsibility to keep clean 

I get:
- one locker in a locker room to keep my personal stuff and clothes
- 1 locker in a tack room to keep Vasaras stuff
- access to a shower and bathroom
- 2 saddle hangers
- access to a room for drying blankets
- once every 14th day a girls comes to pick up blankets to be cleaned (extra payment)
- 12 kilos of hay
- free access to oats and betfor 
- 10 square meter stall
- inside special hose station with warm water
- open stalls with bars so Vasara can see everything
- many good trainers available, both in the stable but especially booked guest trainers and clinics.

The atmosphere is like most stables, it sounded like.

It takes 10 minutes longer by car than to lunda. 

I have until tomorrow to decide, I can access the stall 1st of December.


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