Moving forward

I have ridden Vasara about five times since I was was allowed to start riding her again and we got our saddle.

It's so different. 
On one hand she's so energetic and eager to work as she thinks that it's so much fun to get going again; she loves to work and play. 
On the other hand she hasn't got the muscle strength to much but walking yet, obviously, so when we're cantering she looses he's footing on her hind legs after a short while, she gets out of breath fast, etc. basically we're back to where we were when I brought her home. And this is so disappointing as we spent so much time, money and hard work on getting to a good place.

The key word here is patience. I have to start working her gently and slowly and keep a keen eye out for any troubles with her back or left hind leg. The tactics for doing that is patience and step-by-step workouts.

So far I've ridden in the forest, climbing and just walking, with a short canter just to get a feel. I also spent one day in the paddock but the ground conditions were worse than ever so we couldn't do much.

From this week I'm allowed to ride every other day for two weeks, then I can ride with normal intervals.

Dear god I want to move to Berga TODAY as the riding and training possibilities are sooo much better. That's where our future is.


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