Much needed motivation

I rode in the paddoc yesterday. The ground was ok so I felt that I had to take the chance. And I'm so glad that I did!

It went so well and Vasara did so good, and I could really tell the difference from just two weeks ago. Vasara is stronger, and I'm stronger, so she could work through her back.

I did the classical starting-up training; intervals. We trotted for 4 minutes, walked for 4, etc, then the same in a canter.

It is really great riding in a bareback saddle becaus I can really feel her working under me, and correct it more quickly. Plus I get such a good balance!

So I was euphoric after the ride, which I desperately needed. IT FELT BLOODY AWESOME! Anna was riding at the same time and she told me that she could also tell a differene from two weeks ago, which was nice to hear.
Now I really do feel the inspiration and motivation to do the best of my last month at Lunda, and I will continue working like this whenever the paddoc allows. I really hope that I can use the walking machine the other days.


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