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@ Stockholm horse show


Say goodbye say hello

Today was finally the day. The day I've been looking forward to for so many weeks.
Today I moved to Berga. 
I drove the trailer myself, all day, and it went really great. I really didn't have to be so nervous about it :)
We picked up the trailer at 10:30, and arrived at Lunda at 11. I mucked out and prepared the last things while Mathias packed what little that was left, and off we went. It felt sooo weird. Saying goodbye, doing everything for the last time, cleaning out.
When we arrived at Berga there was quite a lot to prepare and do so I was really glad that I drove all the stuff over yesterday! When Vasara has seen her new stall and things were in order, we went for a walk. And from what I saw. It will be a lot easier to ride outside at this stable too!
Then we said goodbye, and I will be back tomorrow at 8 to be there when they take the horses to the pasture and Vasara gets to meet her new friends.
This will be good, I hope and think.

On my way...

To Stockholm horse show top 10 gala!!

The top ten riders from the world ranking will compete to see who really is no one! + a lot of other fun stuff!

Merry presents


Stuff moved

I spent three hours today moving all my things to Berga. It felt so weird, all day I've been thinking "this is the last time I do this...".
All the stuff is moved except for what I will need tomorrow.
We will pick up the trailer at ten, and then go to Lunda. I will brush Vasara and put on her trailer gear. I will clean my locker a bit so Bella can take it, and muck out the stall and clean the walls and everything. Then I will load Vasara into the trailer, along with the little stuff that's left, and off we'll go. Towards new adventures.
I'm nervous

Christmas decorating


2 nights to go

Now there's only two more nights left at Lunda.
We'll pick up the trailer at ten in the morning on Saturday and move Vasara and all stuff, so we'll be done by lunch I think.
Very exciting but also scary.

Another interview

Norstat called me yesterday and invited me to partake in a focus group interview about make up.
I said yes, and will go there on the 9th if December. Not sure how much money I'll get for it but I know it will be good.

Some comfort

I felt like I was gonna die yesterday, when my body temp had dropped to 35,6 and I was swallowing womit due to my headache that felt like my head was split open.

As this is the second time my temp drops very low and this kind if head symptoms was to be searched for since I lost eyesight on one eye, the nurse sent me straight to the ER.
She also asked if I'd had trouble with eating disorders.... And that my pancreas could be damaged from this.
So I'm on my way. And very worried, I found some comfort from a red badge on a backpack.

Horse show

I've got the tickets! On Saturday me and Sophie are going to Stockholm horse show!

Chocolate and wine

After a really rough day at work (and with a car that wouldn't start since Mathias had left the lights on 24 hours) I surrendered and took a glass of wine and ate some chocolate.

750 for 720

Phew!! I have finished the music interview. I have listened to 720 (!) songs, and the songs 603-720 were Christmas songs. My head feels like a mushy swamp but I'm 750 SEK richer and it was quite fun :)
Oh, and just as we were about to start, my phone rang. It was the same company wanting me to participate in a focus group about make up and beauty.

On my way...

...To the interview about music played on the radio.

I hope Mathias won't be too allergic as he takes care of Vasara today!


On my lunch break I went to the mall that's 4 minutes from the office and bought a Christmas gift for Mathias and some wrapping paper to wrap moms birthday present and the Christmas gifts.

Last one

Goodbye, Lunda forest

Murder on the orient express

I've been playing a puzzle adventure game from the adventure company; Agatha Christie's 'murder on the orient express'. 
It started out pretty good but halfway through I was beyond fed up on the repetitive gameplay.
I have almost finished it, will do so tonight I think. I recommend it half heatedly just because it's one of the few games like this out there.

Stockholm horse show

Is coming up! And I still haven't got any tickets... Sophie said she'd go with me, I was so glad! Now I just need to figure out when to go and plan this in the middle of moving to Berga.


I've taken care of hector this weekend.
I love him, such a nice horse. But it also reminded me that there is no way I could have more than one horse, the work involved is too much.


Birgitta, the owner of Berga, called me when I was out riding yesterday. She said she was looking forward to me coming and asked what time I would be arriving. I  aske what she meant, and it turned out that she has mixed the dates and thought I would come that day.
Too bad I couldn't come, I can't desert Teresa and I am taking care of hector this weekend and the trailer is booked for next week. But dear god now it's close.

Some company

Yesterday I rode with Jenny and Emma, it was great to have some company.
That was the second to last time I rode in the forest at Lunda, today will be the last.

Fluffy ears

The cutest ever


Last night was great, I got to see my dear friends from school; Johan, Sandra, Sophie and Martin. It's been something like 10 months since the last time and I've missed them so much. Mathias came with me, and so did Johan's girlfriend.
We watched the final (ever) episode of our final comedy show, the IT-crowd.

I can't believe it

It's done. The fucking blanket is done.
I only have to tuck in the ends of the yarn and wrap it in a nice way.
Hahaha I can't believe it's done!
A ballpark calculation of how long it's taken: 1) 77 squares * average 25 minutes = 32 hours  2) making rows of squares: 10 connections per row * 11 rows = 110 connections * average 10 min = 18 hours 3) connecting the rows: 11 rows makes 10 connections * 1,5 hours = 15 hours 4) making the border: 4 turns * average 1,5 hour = 6 hours 
= total 71 hours ~ 70 hours

Payed to think

Earlier this week I was called up by a market opinion company (that I've worked with before) and they asked if I wanted to take par of a three hour long interview where I will be listening to music and say what I think of it. In return I will get 750 SEK and dinner. That's a great deal I think, plus these interviews are always very fun to do.
Before this I have: - discussed the aesthetical design of menstrual protection boxes - discusses the design and layout of airports - been a surprise at a training weekend for future interviewers.

Sooo cooold

Just because I said that I never get sick anymore, I now have a very low temp, reversed fever. I'm down to 36,1 Celsius.It's weird becuase I'm really freezing but at the same time my body feels like it's burning up.
Worst part is feeling feverish though, I have been doing so many weird things because I'm not well. Like going in the wrong doors and putting Vasaras blanket on backwards and trying to drive with tha handbreak pulled. But if course I'm at the office, I can't leave Erik alone.
We'll see if I make it through the day.


13 months after I got this job, I have finally joined an unemployment insurance.

Now I only have to stay for another 12 months and I'm guaranteed money if I loose my job. Why of why didn't I join directly, then I would have been covered since one month back.

Money money money, ain't it funny

I always manage to save some money every month and I am quite good at handling my finances in general, but now I feel like doing a really deep analysis of where my money has been spent this year. I will divide the costs into categories like "Vasara", "food", "clothes/beauty", "transportation" etc.
It will be really interesting, even though I have a good clue about it already.

Time flies

On Saturday me and Mathias will have been together for 2,5 years.


This weekend I will start to pack my things for the move to Berga. There won't be too much to do, most of the things are already packed in the attic of the stable. There will be more work involved when it comes to unpacking everything at Berga.
I will try to wash everything before the move, it's not a good first impression to show up with a blanket that's so full of mud the color isn't even showing anymore, even though that how all horses are looking.


I called the insurance company where Vasara is insured today and asked then to switch my payment to a monthly fee instead of paying in 6 month chunks.


The current art displayed at Odenplan, Stockholm.

Countdown: 11 days

So close to moving to Berga.

Searching for some time off

Now that we're getting started again? It's time to search for someone who would like to spend two days a week helping me with Vasara. I had Helene already booked this spring, but we didn't even have time to get started because of the injury, and now she's not interested until Vasara is complete back in shape.  I'm trying to find an older lady, who wants to ride gently and not ride for instructors and compete etc, I'm way to concerned about keeping my horse well to take that chance. So a nice lady would be perfect.
Thankfully there are lots of sites dedicated to there kinds of ads, so I should be able to find someone. 
I want to weekdays off, to be able to rest and see Mathias. It will soon be a year since I bought Vasara, and since then I've only gone gone after work about 5 times, because of serious illness or flat tires.

Green drink week

Every day we drink a green drink at the office. This week it is my turn to prepare and serve.
The recepie:
2 tablespoon mixture of spirulina, nettle powder and wheatgrass 1 banana 1 apple 100 gram spinach 4 dl water 1 lemon
They are really yummy, and I swear it's thanks to them and being so athletic that I haven't been I'll for 7 months! Those of you who know that I'm normally sick all the time.


Seriously, riding in a bareback saddle for a few months have made wonders for my balance. I did have a good balance before, and I knew it would improve with this saddle (obviously) but seriously... Every rider should do it.

Turn it up

Yesterday we managed to do some riding in the paddock, so I decided to turn up the heat a bit and start working Vasara a bit longer and a bit more demanding. We focused on balanced trotting on a bent track, and it clear that we are both out of shape. 
Today me and Emma will ride in the forest, and tomorrow I will rest Vasara back and use the walking machine if it's open.

To the finish

I finally have my yarn and will hence be able to finish the blanket!

The bear

Vasaras coat is a disaster, it needs to be clipped desperately.

I hired Anja to do it ASAP. 
However, there is no denying that she's darn cute with a fluffy coat.

Trip to Hööks

Me and Mathias went to Hööks on Sunday, to get some pellets for Vasara as Hogsta dropped the ball on that one. Unfortunately Hööks didn't have these pellets either, the clerk thought they might be outgoing. So, I had to find a replacement.
As I've used mustang original pellets once before (the first time Hogsta dropped the ball) I knew they were very similar to the all round pellets. So I have switched to them and now I'm praying that Vasaras stomach will handle this clean break. As we all know, changing hay or other food is a sensitive matter.
When I move to Berga I'll have to bring as much hay as I can to mix into the new hay to ease it in.

Got it!


Hope this helps

Vasara is getting really ugly abrasions on her shoulders so I bough a protective blanket for her. She looks crazy cute in it.

A good deed and a good deal

As I would be arriving in Stockholm too late to do so myself, Mathias was so sweet and took my saddle to Mustang yesterday.

They valued it to 12500 SEK, and that would give me 8000 for it when it's sold as they take commission of course. It's worth paying a high commission fee as it is extremely hard to sell a saddle yourself. You have to advertise it, administrate to deliver the saddle to those interested and hope that you will get it back in one piece once they've tried it (if you get it back at all and not stolen) and since it's a really slim chance of a fit, this will have to be done over and over and over, if you get any calls at all.
So, I'm very happy to let Mustang handle this for me. And since I paid 7500 SEK for it myself, I will still get back 500 SEK more than I paid for it. That's a sweet deal.

Öresundsbron, 07:50


Is this what I've become?

When I was buying my ticket for Malmö a homeless man came up to to offering to sell me his ticket. He had picked it up from the machine where another man had forgotten it.  I didn't really trust this man, so I said I didn't know if it was real, so we went to a station worker who said it was ok. Then I had to go to the ATM to get cash, with a sinking feeling of being fooled. But I bought the ticked, he showed me to the train and we said goodbye. Now the conductor checked my ticket, and it was legit. My prejudice made me so sure I was being fooled. Even though I still believe my fear was understandable.

Riding on the train (get the pun?)

For my way home I planned my entertainment by bringing two horse games from the Springdale series. 

A gift for Vasara

As Vasara is not reading this blog, it's safe to show the great name plate I've ordered from her as a Christmas present.


I didn't drink much last night, only three glades of wine, but that was still enough to make me feel hungover today. Seriously, 3 glasses over several hours. 

The Christmas party

After the meeting in Malmö, where I held my presentation, group IT headed to Copenhagen. We started out at a bar 50 meters from Stigs place, then went to Stigs place and had some lovely food and wine, then headed down to a bar where you could play pool.
We had a really great time, and according to the rules no photos were taken and no stories are to be retold from this party. But it really was a great party and I've had so much fun! I dare to say that I have the best colleagues in the world.

A single girl

On a rainy morning, I was trying to find my way to the central station in Copenhagen.

"You have bad train karma"

Indeed I do. Thursday evening I got a text from SJ, my train to Malmö would depart one hour later than planned. Ok, that would cause me to be about ten minutes late for my meeting.
On the train, we couldn't leave Stockholm because of a line if trains wanting to go through södra station where there's only one track open since the accident. So we were delayed a bit more.
Once on our way, we had some technical issues, so we had to wait at a station for a while. So we were delayed a bit more.
I arrived to my meeting on hour late, and thus missed half of it. 
On my way to Copenhagen, I got a new text. My train home had been canceled part of the way. So I had to find another train to get to Malmö where I should jump on my real train.
This is why I hate trains. This is why I never go by train anywhere. It never works. Every single time it's the same. 
Good luck trying to get more people to travel by train. More time consuming, more expensive and a lot less reliable.

@ Öresundsbron

On my way to the party!!

Malmö, here I come!.... I think....

Due to the train that derailed in Stockholm earlier this week, I'm now 80 minutes late on my trip towards Malmö. 
I will be late for the big meeting, but I will not miss the party :)

Unhappy customer

Since I haven't been to my hairdresser for six fucking months (longest time ever) and was looking like a scarecrow, I decided to try the salon that's next door to the office. I was really scared as I have several ba experiences from using 'regular' salons instead of high-end ones. But, as I wouldn't have time to visit Liza for a long time I decided to go it a go, after much doubt and anguish.
I shouldn't have done it.
After telling the hairdresser what I wanted, and her agreeing that I shouldn't not have any golden or yellow tones in my hair, I ended up looking like a freaking chicken baby! I almost started to cry and when she offered to put more color in my hair I said no, I wouldn't trust her to do anything else. ever. 
So here I am, with yellow hair, going to Malmö tomorrow morning to have serious presentation for our it director and it team, before going to a party.

Dancing in the moonlight

Yesterday I had the most wonderful experience; me and Vasara spent one hour out in the forest, bathing in moonlight. It was so incredibly beautiful, I have only seen such strong moonlight a few times in my life. It was like when the sun is bursting through the trees, only this time it was the moon. The stars were bright and the air crisp...
It was amazing.

How NOT to treat a customer

Many months ago I ordered some food for Vasara to the nearby Hogsta ridsport store. When we got there, in real desperate need of the food, they had ordered the wrong kind.
3 weeks ago I decided to give them a second chance. Late last night I drove there to pick up my order, only to find that they had done the same thing again.
No more chances. They just lost a customer who told them she wanted to buy 2 sacks a month.


In Friday I'll be leaving for Malmö to attend a group IT meeting, where I will do a presentation of our projects for next year and the year passed, before heading over to Copenhagen for The Party.
It is our IT director Stig who is hosting his traditional Christmas party, and I am beyond excited.
I hope to be able to cross off 'party like it's 1999' from my 30 before 30 list. 
It will be epic.

Countdown: 18 days

Then we'll move to Berga!

Thank you Mathias

After a cold, rainy, windy and late day at the stables I came home to this.

Falling on the finishing line

Anna came over on Saturday to do some croqueting and drink tea and eat sweets :)
I am so extremely close to finish my blanket, about 1,5 hours of work left... And then I ran out of yarn. So no I have to buy some really soon, because the deadline is less than 4 weeks away.

The border

Anna is coming over on Saturday :)We will have our standard croqueting-date, and she will show me how to do the border of the blanket.
I only have 1 month to finish it now. But that should be plenty of time.


Yesterday I tried my new Redken series; Smooth lock. 
I am really happy with the end result, but My hair got really dry and tangled after the wash. I had to take some Got2b oil in order to untangle it. But now it's great, I didn't have to use the straightener because it ha smoothness my hair enough that I've gotten the kind of curls I've always wanted. So I didn't do anything this morning.
I hope it will stop to dry out after a few washes, I think it's because of the strong contrast of this product compared to the Redken All Soft.

Poor Vasara

After two days without any brushing or rinsing she must look like a muddy monster. I will take a lot of time cleaning her today and telling her that I love her. I've felt SO bad for not being able to get to the stable, it feels like I have hole in the guts.

Countdown: 23 days

Then I'll move to Berga.That's just over 3 weeks. I can do this.
The walking machine is closed again. So much for having a shot at keeping the training schedule.

Soon on the road

Mathias is taking the car to the shop today, to pick up the tire. If they haven't for the time to change it for us, he will do it at home himself. So - I should be able to drive to the stable today!
And I owe both Yvonne and Bella some money for helping me.


Just got a text from Farmen, my dream stable where I've been queuing for a stall. Now they have one coming up.... And I can't accept it.


Yesterday I picked up one of Mathias Christmas presents at the post delivery, and today I'm picking up my Redken products - eager to try!

No horse

Yesterday I didn't feel like walking in the pouring rain to and from the stable, so I managed to get some help from Yvonne. 
However, spending the evening at home turned out to be such a waste - I didn't know what to do with myself. I haven't gone home after work for almost a year, and I spent the while evening walking around as a restless ghost.

Fucking shit crap day

Everything has gone wrong today. At work it was just big and serious issues all day, I was tired and didn't have any food with me.
At lunch Mathias called - they could fix the tire today, Yey. Buuuut he didn't have the money on him. I'll pay, I said, give me your new account no. But of course Mathias didn't have this information and couldn't log in to the bank to get it. So no car today either.
And now I'm on my way home. I'm not going to the stable. Why? Because the fucking shit public transportation system failed AGAIN. The train was late which made me miss my other train which made me miss the bus.  I managed to run to the bus and knocked on the door but the ugly motherfucker driving it just looked at me and shook his head, then drove away. And as this the only bus (seriously, ONLY bus) I can take I stood there. Unable to go to my horse.
Fucking hell I'm so sick of everything.

Which one?

I can't choose which one to get Vasara. The one with the pic is the coolest but I haven't got a good pic for it, the gold one has the best color but the black one has the nicest shape.
Decisions decisions....

Necessity of a car

Yesterday I had to take the bus to the stable as our car has the spare tire on. Mathias left the broken tire at the mechanics yesterday and we'll know during the day whether it's possible to fix or If we need to buy two new tires, as you can't change just one. So the price tag will either be a few hundred to fix it, or 4000 for two new tires. Fingers crossed....
I desperately need the car back today as the one bus that can take me home at night doesn't leave me any time to ride.

Getting real

In 25 days I'll be moving to Berga.I booked a trailer yesterday, I will plan to clip her coat and mane before going, and I've washed her blankets.

Redken smooth lock

I am a huge fan of Redken hair care, and have been since I started using it about 5-6 years ago. 
After using 'all soft' for about two years I have now decided to try 'smooth lock' as my hair has gotten too used to 'all soft'. I think smooth lock is quite alike 'smooth down' which I was using before 'all soft'.
Either way, I'm eager to get these products and start washing!
And btw.... I really need to go to the hairdresser.

@ Berga

Watching Bella train for Ulf Johansson 
My future riding hall

Sounds good

During the training at Berga today I met five people from my new stable. They were all very nice and talked very warmly about Berga. It was so nice to hear and I feel so much less nervous abou moving.

"Handle the unplanned"

That's what the chapter about changing a flat is called in the manual.
On our way to light candles at my grandmothers grave we pulled over becuae the car felt weird. Turns out we had a flat... So we had to spend 45 minutes in the pouring rain changing to our spare tire. Then we didn't feel like going anywhere but home.
It will cost about 4000 SEK to get a new tire, because we have an SUV.

Boo yah!

In spent several hours yesterday in the couch, watching Parenthood and Dexter and working on the blanket. And.... After 30 minutes if work this morning....
The fucking blanket is all croquetted together!!
Now it's only the border left... But I can do this, I'm so close!! Boo yah!!

Halloween scare

As Mathias was in Trosa yesterday to visit via parents, I had to rely on public transportation to get to the stable.
I was in luck; I was supposed to bring the horses into the stable in the evening, and there were busses timing what I needed. I would be in a bit of a hurry though as I would have to walk to and from the bus, which takes 20 min each way. 
Just before I should leave Anja texted me and asked if I could help her muck out and prepare hay for Hector. Of course, I said, making my time frame even more narrow.
I arrived at the stable, quick as hell put on the saddle and went out to ride as it was already getting dark. I had the route planned in my head and knew that it would take about one hour. But things were getting eerie: about half way through darkness were coming, and a fog were beginning to spread. Inhaling it made my inside turn to ice. We were on a small and rocky path in the middle of the woods, that I had only been one once and wasn't sure I was going the right way.…


Right now mine and Vasaras traing schedule looks like this:
Monday: walking machine Tuesday: interval training in the paddock Wednesday: walking machine Thursday: interval traing in the paddock Friday: walking machine Saturday: climbing in the forest  Sunday: climbing in the forest 
I hope to be able to keep this schedule all trough out November until we move.
Vasara got to use the walking machine on Wednesday as I'm only ridig every other day, but yesterday we were back in the paddock again. This time the conditions were not as good. The ground was so wet and heavy that it's simply not healthy for her.
Luckily today is another day in the waking machine and then we'll ride in the forest both Saturday and Sunday :)


Congrats my dear friend Marre who just got her very own apartment in Gothenburg! I'm so happy for you :)


This morning I got to be a mannequin for a new collection for one of our customers. It was so much fun, getting to help out and see how the clothes are designed and how they are profiled towards the customer. As this is something I can see myself doing in the future it was extra fun!