A good deed and a good deal

As I would be arriving in Stockholm too late to do so myself, Mathias was so sweet and took my saddle to Mustang yesterday.

They valued it to 12500 SEK, and that would give me 8000 for it when it's sold as they take commission of course.
It's worth paying a high commission fee as it is extremely hard to sell a saddle yourself. You have to advertise it, administrate to deliver the saddle to those interested and hope that you will get it back in one piece once they've tried it (if you get it back at all and not stolen) and since it's a really slim chance of a fit, this will have to be done over and over and over, if you get any calls at all.

So, I'm very happy to let Mustang handle this for me.
And since I paid 7500 SEK for it myself, I will still get back 500 SEK more than I paid for it. That's a sweet deal.


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