Halloween scare

As Mathias was in Trosa yesterday to visit via parents, I had to rely on public transportation to get to the stable.

I was in luck; I was supposed to bring the horses into the stable in the evening, and there were busses timing what I needed. I would be in a bit of a hurry though as I would have to walk to and from the bus, which takes 20 min each way. 

Just before I should leave Anja texted me and asked if I could help her muck out and prepare hay for Hector. Of course, I said, making my time frame even more narrow.

I arrived at the stable, quick as hell put on the saddle and went out to ride as it was already getting dark. I had the route planned in my head and knew that it would take about one hour. But things were getting eerie: about half way through darkness were coming, and a fog were beginning to spread. Inhaling it made my inside turn to ice. We were on a small and rocky path in the middle of the woods, that I had only been one once and wasn't sure I was going the right way. I hoped that we would get out before things got worse, otherwise it would be dangerous.

Luckily we did get out, a bit over an hour had passed and I had 1 hour and 20 minutes to remove all tack and shower Vasaras legs and stomach, give her a good 30 minute brushing, much out 2 stalls, prepare 8 bags of hay, bring in splash from the pasture, fill water in the pasture and the stalls. Then Åsa called and asked me to bring in her horses, and of course I said yes. 

I still don't know how I managed to do all this on time, but with a bit of running I did. At 6 pm I was ready to leave the stable and head for the bus. Darkness had taken over the world; it was so dark I couldn't even see my own feet looking down. But coming on to the road, all I could see was the thick fog. This wa really scary, I saw lots of weird shadows in the dark that I couldn't identify and heard weird noises... I got quite scared even though I'm very used to the dark. Maybe it was the fog that played tricks on me. 
1/3 of the way to the bus a car stopped behind me and asked if I wanted a ride. Yes thank god! I exclaimed and got a ride all the way to Kanton in a car with a ghost and a witch in the backseat.


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