"You have bad train karma"

Indeed I do. Thursday evening I got a text from SJ, my train to Malmö would depart one hour later than planned. Ok, that would cause me to be about ten minutes late for my meeting.

On the train, we couldn't leave Stockholm because of a line if trains wanting to go through södra station where there's only one track open since the accident. So we were delayed a bit more.

Once on our way, we had some technical issues, so we had to wait at a station for a while. So we were delayed a bit more.

I arrived to my meeting on hour late, and thus missed half of it. 

On my way to Copenhagen, I got a new text. My train home had been canceled part of the way. So I had to find another train to get to Malmö where I should jump on my real train.

This is why I hate trains. This is why I never go by train anywhere. It never works. Every single time it's the same. 

Good luck trying to get more people to travel by train. More time consuming, more expensive and a lot less reliable.


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