Say goodbye say hello

Today was finally the day. The day I've been looking forward to for so many weeks.

Today I moved to Berga. 

I drove the trailer myself, all day, and it went really great. I really didn't have to be so nervous about it :)

We picked up the trailer at 10:30, and arrived at Lunda at 11. I mucked out and prepared the last things while Mathias packed what little that was left, and off we went.
It felt sooo weird. Saying goodbye, doing everything for the last time, cleaning out.

When we arrived at Berga there was quite a lot to prepare and do so I was really glad that I drove all the stuff over yesterday! When Vasara has seen her new stall and things were in order, we went for a walk. And from what I saw. It will be a lot easier to ride outside at this stable too!

Then we said goodbye, and I will be back tomorrow at 8 to be there when they take the horses to the pasture and Vasara gets to meet her new friends.

This will be good, I hope and think.


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