Searching for some time off

Now that we're getting started again? It's time to search for someone who would like to spend two days a week helping me with Vasara. I had Helene already booked this spring, but we didn't even have time to get started because of the injury, and now she's not interested until Vasara is complete back in shape. 
I'm trying to find an older lady, who wants to ride gently and not ride for instructors and compete etc, I'm way to concerned about keeping my horse well to take that chance. So a nice lady would be perfect.

Thankfully there are lots of sites dedicated to there kinds of ads, so I should be able to find someone. 

I want to weekdays off, to be able to rest and see Mathias. It will soon be a year since I bought Vasara, and since then I've only gone gone after work about 5 times, because of serious illness or flat tires.


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