Unhappy customer

Since I haven't been to my hairdresser for six fucking months (longest time ever) and was looking like a scarecrow, I decided to try the salon that's next door to the office. I was really scared as I have several ba experiences from using 'regular' salons instead of high-end ones. But, as I wouldn't have time to visit Liza for a long time I decided to go it a go, after much doubt and anguish.

I shouldn't have done it.

After telling the hairdresser what I wanted, and her agreeing that I shouldn't not have any golden or yellow tones in my hair, I ended up looking like a freaking chicken baby!
I almost started to cry and when she offered to put more color in my hair I said no, I wouldn't trust her to do anything else. ever. 

So here I am, with yellow hair, going to Malmö tomorrow morning to have serious presentation for our it director and it team, before going to a party.


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