Yesterday was our first day at Berga.

I arrived at eight in the morning to participate when Vasara was taken out to the pasture with her new friends for the first time. As usual it all went so smooth, no drama whatsoever. She is so good!

Once she was out, I started to try and find a new routine (and basically find my way around) it's so different here compares to Lunda.
When I had mucked out her stall (god it's good to have a normal sized stall!) and finished preparing the food I brought Vasara back in and we went out on an exploration trip. We had to take it easy because the farrier has yet to show up so Vasara was slipping everywhere without her spikes. Plus she was a bit snotty, I hope that passes soon.
The paths were a lot nicer than at Lunda, even though there is not too many of them. But in still happy because there are more and better than what I had :)

It feels like this will be quite ok.


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