Anna maybe?

I am think of giving Anna Ullenius a call and ask her if she would like to give me a couple of dressage and jumping trainings.

Anna had her horse at Lunda when I was there and she is such a nice and positive person, plus a really awesome rider.

I feel a bit hesitant towards Irma as she won't come out to Berga to train, but wants me to go to Farmen which is about 30 minutes one way and crossing roads with heavy traffic. Plus I think he only does dressage. 

So if Anna could come to Berga and train me in both dressage and jumping, that would be so much better. Plus she knows me and Vasara. I think she charges 350, so it's a normal price and what I can pay in order to afford 1 lesson a week.

I'll ask Bella a bit more about their trainings and then maybe go her a call!


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