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Back to normal

Mathias is home again, and it feels nice to not be alone anymore.
He brought home clothes for him, Victoria's Secret for me, and an iPad for both of us.


Today and tomorrow it's time again for me to do a 2-days KWS training. This time it's one of our biggest retailers who is coming, the first time we let an external company into our system.
I am so sick I doing these courses, I think this is something like the 15th time and I just don't want to do it any more :p

Second training

Yesterday we had the second training for Åsa. I just love her, I have found the right trainer for sure! She's nice, calm, just the right amount demanding, funny, inspiring, good at explaining, and makes me feel ok to ask silly questions and make mistakes. 100 points!
Yesterday we continues with our work we started on Friday, focusing on gymnastics and finding ways of making her work with her left hind. I have really done my homework since last time, and Åsa told me that she could really tell I've practiced and that she could hardly see the left hind slacking any more. Great!
We continued to work with poles on the ground, placing them in a circle so we could vary the pace and stride lengthy depending on how narrow we made the circle. 
We also continued working with classical dressage movements by working on two parallel tracks; one tracke for the front legs and a parallel for the hind legs. I have practiced this a lot since Friday and Vasara was able to do it trotting yesterday, a…

Soon not alone

Mathias is back in Sweden, Yey! I'll get to see him tonight again, and the world will be back in order again :)

Birthday girl

Today is a big day; Vasara is turning 10! Congratulations my sweet, beloved baby.
Unfortunately I don't get to see her today as Pia will be going out today, but she promised to give Vasara some extra goodies.


I dont think anyone has missed it: Charlotte Dujardin setting a new world record in the dressage Grand Prix. I saw the ride live on the tv with my mom, and we both sat with our mouth open - It was just too glorious to be true.
So; the new world record for grand rpix dressage is a staggering87.129 !!!

Smashing Daniel!

Congrats Daniel Deusser on your amazing victory in the jumping World Cup!!!
I saw Daniel live when he won the top 10 competition in Stockholm, he is amazing!

Game on

After 4 days of suspense, the final round in the jumping World Cup final is drawing to an end... Exciting!!

Easter jump

Today we had a small fun jump-off in the arena called the Easter jump.
6 horses jumped a course on hights varying between 40 - 110 cm.
Titti had baked a cake which we all sat down in the grass to eat. 


On Saturday I went to moms place to have some dinner and just hang out. And of course, to hunt for hidden Easter eggs! 
I also brought two cute bunnies I had made for her.


I have found the best trainer in the world. I'm so bloody happy, finally!!!! So inspiring!!!!!

Fog of war


Cooking mama!

Hard bread, big lasagna and soft chocolate cookies.


Multitasking. Working from home while I have some gorgeous hard bread in the oven. Yum!!

Burglars, exclamation mark, burglars

There have been a break in at the office tonight. Pretty much all computers and phones are gone, but not mine for some strange but blessed reason. 
I was so angry, I couldn't believe what kind of evil and horrible persons would do this. It's sick.
So I'm working from home. Didn't want to be alone in the office and I can work as good from home so...

Some luck at last

I have found a trainer. Who can come out to Berga. Any night of the week at 19:00. Who trains both dressage and jumping. And charges 200 SEK per lesson. And who is recommended by Vasaras chiropractor.
It's too good to be true. 
Now I just hope, beg, that we'll click.

Theme break

After 15 weeks I halve decided to take a break from the daily themes, I need to gain new inspiration again. But I'll be back :)

Mustang #2

Today has been such a long day!!
I left home at 6:30 and arrived at MG rental at 7:00 where I picked up the trailer and drove the last 3 kilometers to the stable.
I mucked out, washed and groomed Vasara and dressed her for the trip and at 9:00 we were packed and ready to go. As usual it's so easy to travel with Vasara, she just gets on the trailer and off you go. I picked up mom a few hundred meters later and our journey began.
After driving for 1,5 hours through crazy traffic, construction etc, we arrived at mustang. It went so well to drive, I'm really proud of myself and mom said that she was too and that I did it really well!
So, after putting Vasara in a stall we say down outside in the sun and ate some sandwiches before we started to warm her up. At 11:00 Per arrived and we started. It was a quick process, the saddle was still great and so all was well, but when I sat up to ride her left hind leg was very stiff again, it's been getting worse and worse the last few weeks,…


Trailer is connected

Lonely, I'm mr Lonely

Mathias is currently on a plane towards Chicago. How will I manage? It will be terrible to be home alone!
And like Marre said, who will cook dinner for me? :P

I will of course order some stuff for him to bring home with him, at half price compared to Sweden... <3

Full day

07:15-07:30 drove Mathias to the airport shuttle.
08:00 Arrived at the stable
08:00-09:00 Mucked out and groomed Vasara
09:00-10:00 Jumping
10:00 -11:00 Trail training
11:00-11:30 grooming Vasara
11:30-12:00 Preparing and feeding lunch to all horses
12:00-13:00 Cleaning tack and prepared for tomorrow
13:00-13:30 Cleaning the itched, the locker room and bathroom.
13:30-14:00 Finally going home

Jumping was fun! Still jumping low obstacles, 60 centimeters, and focusing on distance judgement and stride control.

And I am sooo proud today because we managed to walk and trott over a big tarpaulin without any issues, she was so good! We did lots of other exercises too but this was a great development!

Goal follow up

So it's been a month since I set up three goals for me and Vasara. 2 are fulfilled, 1 is attempted and failed.
- I should be riding for a trainer once a week. FAILED (but well attempted!) - we should have started jumping small obstacles and combinations. PASSED - we should be able to canter 10 rounds in the arena without dropping the back once. PASSED

Sweating together

Before the shower, we had a really good workout. Vasara was so crazy energetic since I've been feeling too crappy and broken to ride for a week. So today we worked for 100 minutes: 10 warm up, 15 trot, 5 pause, 15 trot, 5 pause, 15 trot, 5 pause, 15 canter, 15 cool down.
It was great!

Showering together

Today was shower Friday. Vasara haven't been shampooed for something like 5 months (!) so today was the day. And of course, showering her is basically showering myself. I shampooed every inch of her, her tail was gross and there was so much old dirt stuck in her coat that brushing can't get.
She really enjoyed the warm water, and got so clean! And oh dear it was so easy to shower her here at Berga compared to Lunda, since we actually have a real hose station.

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 15

Home alone

On Sunday Mathias is leaving for Chicago. This means that I will have the place to myself for a while. It will be so weird! Sleeping alone in the bed, having to cook alone, no one there when I get home... Im not looking forward to it, but I'm very happy for him to get some time off and seeing his best friend.


I broke down on Wednesday. The fact that I've been working way to hard for a long time pushed me very close to the edge, and Tomas told me to take Thursday off. I did, and it was extremely needed. The second I started relaxing, I entered a zombie mode - like my brain was so exhausted and finally got some time to relax. Everything I did and thought was in slow motion, for real.
I played 5 hours of skyrim, then I played through a whole Nancy drew (last train) in another 5 hours and then I watched season 1 of Americas next top model. It was a great, great day.
I think I will work from home today, then I have the long weekend and then Easter. I will rest as much as I can. I have to, otherwise this will get serious and I'll get sick for real.



Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 15


Singing in the rain

Lucky I work at a place that makes clothes; I could simply go and pick a very expensive rain coat to help get me to the stable in one piece yesterday, in the blistering cold, rough wind and pouring rain.

Wednesday - Horse video of the week 15

Bad luck again

I thought I had found the perfect trainer. I was so happy and hopeful.
Turns out she can't come out any evening or any weekday.
Fuck. Back no nothingness again.

Taking some time

These past two weeks have been torture for me at work, making me extraordinarily tired and weak also after work. I haven't ridden Vasara for a week and I fall asleep on the couch at 8:30 every night. 
I do feel a bit worried about myself and I have such a bad conscience about not riding, but I just can't do it, I'm too tired. Luckily, Easter is coming up and this means that ill get 4 days off in a row. Plus, I'll take on day of next monday to go to Mustang. This means that I'll get 3 days off, work 3 days and then get another 4 days off.
Much needed, otherwise I think I'll get sick.

Helping hands

Yesterday I got to help two girls in the stable. They both sent me texts around lunch, one asking if I could please wash her horses legs and remove the boots, and the other one wanted me to give her horse his food before I left the stable. And of course I'm happy to help :)

Tuesday = riding gear want of the week 14

Spray to re-impregnate my blankets. I neeeeeed it! everything is soaked through now.

Monday = riding excercise of the week 14

8:15 AM

@ hufvudsta, watching Jessica ride

Old friends

This week, on the same day, within the same hour, I got two texts from two friends I haven't seen in a very long time; Niklas and Jessica.
I will see Jessica tomorrow already, she's gonna ride a private lesson tomorrow at Hufvudsta so I'm joining her.
I will try and see Niklas as soon as possible too.
This is what marks a good friend - it doesn't matter how long time passes, it's like no time at all when you see them.


This past week might have killed me. 
Yesterday I was so tired I couldn't even brush Vasara, I just brought in all the horses from the pasture, changed their blankets and fed them, before quickly mucking out and preparing Vasaras food and then I went home and fell asleep like a baby. I woke up about 13 hours later.
Today I've still been very tired, so I finished the stable quickly and now I'm lying on the couch again, ready to sleep some more.

Brunch and shopping

Today was a great day because I got to see my wonderful bestie Marre!
We ate brunch-turned-into-lunch at Stories and did some bra shopping.

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 14

These kids are better persons than 99,9% of the people in the world. I wish I was as good a person as these kids.

Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 14

I want my own shell with a picture of Vasara or Mathias for my iPad.

Wednesday - Horse video of the week 14

Tuesday - riding gear want of the week 13

This is by far the best tool I've ever, EVER, EEEVEEEER used to remove dried mud. Seriously, it's like something from a dream.

It's under 100 SEK to buy, allthough the issue is that it's very hard to find....
Well, I've been stealing (with permission) my stall neighbours, but Im so getting my own!