Mustang #2

Today has been such a long day!!

I left home at 6:30 and arrived at MG rental at 7:00 where I picked up the trailer and drove the last 3 kilometers to the stable.

I mucked out, washed and groomed Vasara and dressed her for the trip and at 9:00 we were packed and ready to go. As usual it's so easy to travel with Vasara, she just gets on the trailer and off you go. I picked up mom a few hundred meters later and our journey began.

After driving for 1,5 hours through crazy traffic, construction etc, we arrived at mustang. It went so well to drive, I'm really proud of myself and mom said that she was too and that I did it really well!

So, after putting Vasara in a stall we say down outside in the sun and ate some sandwiches before we started to warm her up. At 11:00 Per arrived and we started. It was a quick process, the saddle was still great and so all was well, but when I sat up to ride her left hind leg was very stiff again, it's been getting worse and worse the last few weeks, so we put her back in the trailer and called the chiropractor (whom I had contacted a few weeks ago to try and get her to come out again but it's been hard to find a time that's fitting both) and it turned out that she could make it out when we got back to the stable! Before we left mom bough me a beautiful (and expensive) Jeremy Rudge girdle which I would never have afforded by myself, so that was great!

So we drove home, it went super good again, and for once we got home at 13:30 I unpacked and at 14:00 Karolina came out and gave Vasara a treatment. She said that it was sooo much better than last time and she could loosen it quite easily. So great! She needs to be walked tomorrow and then it's time to ride again. 

Then we cleaned out the trailer (and I backed it into place!!) and at 15:20 we could leave the stable and go home, drop of the car and go to a Greek restaurant and have some much-needed food! Then mom went home and I went to Åhlens to buy new biotherm products and some chocolate, then I went home.

At 18:00, 11,5 hours after I left home, I was back and could crash on the couch.


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