Second training

Yesterday we had the second training for Åsa. I just love her, I have found the right trainer for sure! She's nice, calm, just the right amount demanding, funny, inspiring, good at explaining, and makes me feel ok to ask silly questions and make mistakes. 100 points!

Yesterday we continues with our work we started on Friday, focusing on gymnastics and finding ways of making her work with her left hind. I have really done my homework since last time, and Åsa told me that she could really tell I've practiced and that she could hardly see the left hind slacking any more. Great!

We continued to work with poles on the ground, placing them in a circle so we could vary the pace and stride lengthy depending on how narrow we made the circle. 

We also continued working with classical dressage movements by working on two parallel tracks; one tracke for the front legs and a parallel for the hind legs. I have practiced this a lot since Friday and Vasara was able to do it trotting yesterday, as compared to struggling with it in a walk on Friday. She is so much more flexible in her pelvis it's amazing!! It was worth all the sweat we've shared together!

I have also worked a lot on the gait changes, especially from trot to canter where she tends to "glide away" with her right shoulder when asking for a left canter. 

My homework for next lesson will be to continue with the parallel tracks in trot, varying sideways motions, continue working on the gate changes and playing around with the poles. 

Åsa might be coming back on saturday for a jumping training....! Fun!!


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