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case solved

A few days ago I finished playing the latest Nancy Drew game, The Shattered Medallion. 
My expectations for this was rock bottom low, and those expectations were unfortunately met. This game suffers the same issues as the last ones, incoherent and clumsily presented storyline that’s very hard to follow, characters which you simply cannot understand or connect to, small and not very intriguing environments to top it off this game also featured a villain that we simply didn’t get an explanation as to any motive.

Her Interactive, step up your game and stop pushing out games for the sake of selling them quick - please put down some love and care again!

Accidentaly cheating the system

Todat hööks at Kungsgatan celebrated 1 year with 20% off everything except Bucas and some other brands, and gicing out goodie bags to the first 100 paying customers.

Needing a few items I was taking the chance of 20 off. And of course, I had to be there at opening time, I mean who can say no to a goodie bag?

I needed a fly protection blanket for Vasara and some smaller things, so I was very sad to see that the 20% did not include Bucas items. But I didnt let that stop me - I want Vasara to have the best and ot some cheap replacement.

So I took a Bucas blanket, some sponged, some hoof oil, some saddle soap and a bandage and headed for the check out, prepared to pay through my nose. BUT - the cashier must have been confused because she gave me 20% of the whole purchase, meaning I got 20 % off my Bucas blanket too!!

24 hours

Yesterday was a very calm and unusual day for me. I was extremely tired the days before and ende up sleeping until 9:30. To a normal person that's not a big deal - but to me it's basically unheard of - I normally skip out of bed at seven every day. 
Then I didn't feel so good due to anxiety so I had to cancel the barbecue and trail that I was gonna participate in at the stable. Renee, bless her, offered to take care of Vasara for me so I could stay home, and I gladly accepted.
Then I slept for a few more hours, tired from the medication. Then played some skyrim and suddenly it was evening. And I couldn't sleep. So I've been twisting and turning all night until I got into the car at seven today to go to the stable early so Mathias could drive down to his parents as early as possible, as he has the day off.
To top it of, my back is acting up again with a small lumbago, so I couldn't ride.
Now I'm working on the iPad while trying to get a goodie bag at the one yea…

Lunch at the office

To celebrate two birthdays.


Paying the parking ticket I got yesterday, when there were NO parking spaces left at the park where we ha picnic.
Ouch. Expensive picnic.

The two hens

There is one really sweet girl at the stable called Sofie, and we have started a really great cooperation. When I need help with Vasara, I call her. And when she needs hep with Kotten, she calls me.
It's so nice to have someone you really trust your baby with to help you - we are both super overprotective of our horses :)
And to make things even better, I have a second girl, Renee, who is also super nice and helpful, and we can trade services too.
Cooperation ftw!


Yesterday I had a wonderful time with two of my best friends, Anna and Marre, when we went to a big park to have a picnic in the sun.
I had made a pie, chocolate cookies and hard bread, Anna made a pasta salad and Marre made cream cheese and fruit salad. It was very tasty and we had a great time!
I forgot to take pics but luckily Marre didn't so Ill get hers :)

I voted

Yesterday was the very important EU elections - and the attempts to get swedes to vote in this forgotten election have been many.
I see voting as my duty and great privelage - no one should claim that they want to live in a democratic country and then not vote!
Unfortunately for me, the election don't turn out as I had wished, but I was happy to see that almost 50% voted, which is a much higher number than last time. But still - it's pathetic and disheartening that not even half of the people with the privelage to vote does it.

No pain no gain

From today's jumping

Busy bee

If weekend is about resting; I've failed miserably. 
Today I have: Mucked out two stalls Prepared 8 bags of hay Prepared 6 buckets of feed Carried 60 liters of water  Ridden a tough jumping training Showered Vasara Baked a pie Baked hard bread Baked chocolate cookies Washed 5 machines Cleaned up Vaccuumed Dusted Done the dishes Gone to the grocery store Recycled ...And more
Now I deserve to rest!

Jumping with Åsa #1

OMG I have the best trainer in the world. Today we did some jumping and it was the most fun I've had for ages!

We jumped 5 bounces on a circle, which is great for Vasara to gain strenght and flexibility.
And on top, the dressage trainings for Åsa has already made a big difference!!

We set up a goal: By the end of the summer, we will jump a 70 cm pay and jump.

On the way

To our first jumping training with Åsa!

Training for Åsa #5

On Wednesday I had another training for Åsa - seriously I'm so glad I have found her! I can feel the progress between every single lesson and it's SO much fun and motivating to ride again!!
Only negative - Mosquitos were having a feast and I'm covered in bites.

3 years

Today me and Mathias have been together for 3 years.
Mathias got a coffee machine (his third) and I got a Michael Kors watch (that I will exchange ^^)

Dinner on the boat


Ice cream afternoon


Lunch by the water


Call me maybe

Finally got my new business card!

I hate summer

So it's time again... Fucking Mosquitos.
10 bites from yesterday's dressage training at the outside arena.

Training tonight

Tonight it's time for my fourth dressage training for Åsa!
I'm prepared to sweat....

Odense and back

I'm back home after 2,5 days in Odense, it's been a great trip! Lots of good and productive meetings, including the half year-meeting, good food and the best of all: the wonderful team!



Meeting mom in Texas

Today I ate dinner with mom at Texas steakhouse - yum!!!

Poo poo

I've just gotten back the reaults from this years parasite control, and just like last year, Vasara has close to nothing, so no need to start any treatment. Unless that is, we get bad result in 2-3 weeks on the biggest and baddest worm in town, in which case the whole stable will be treated no matter their results.Fingers crossed!

Name day

Today is my name day. Congratulations me!


Karolina took at quick look at my pelvis today as well as Vasaras. And she was practically speechless. All she said was: "I've seen some uneven people but...That's... Yeah....You need to come see me."

Chiropractor visit #3

Today Karolina came out again or Vasaras third treatment. She can only come out during office hours so I had to take the day and work from home.
Karolina was very happy too see that Vasaras pelvis was a lot better, and she said that the block in the neck might be due to Vasara feeling the pelvis going back a bit and turning on her "defenses" 
I walked her 1 hour today after the treatment and will train for Åsa tomorrow, it's gonna be great!

Wonderful day

Yesterday was Mathias birthday, and we spent the whole day together. In the morning I woke him up by singing happy birthday and brining cake to bed.Then we went to the stable and Mathias rode Vasara for over 1 hour in the forest while I walked next to them. It was just great, misty and rainy weather and a quiet forest with those strong colors that canes out when it's raining.
Then we went home and got ready to go out. We met up some friends at Marie Laveau and had dinner and drink and stayed until 1 am just taking and having the best of time.
Unfortunately today I'm not feeling so great, and as the responsive driver I am I will of course take the bus to Vasara.

Happy Birthday Mathias!


Celebrate good times come on!

Celebrating my promotion, Erik's employment, Frida's birthday and Ackis return to work :)

Training for Åsa #3

On Tuesday me and Vasara had out third training for Åsa. Oh dear she I just so great!! So happy I found her!!
As Vasara had been feeling a bit weird the last week and been resting for a while due to my illness, we focused extra on gymnastic riding. And as we suspected, it's time to bring out Karolina again. Vasaras pelvis and back is looking really great, but her neck has to be unlocked a bit more, a work that Karolina started on the last treatment. Åsa rode Vasara for a while after the lesson to get her own feel for her to help me better, and also to see where and how the block in the neck is. I was wery happy to hear her say "I wanted to feel if she was as great to ride as it looks - and she was!". My baby <3
We trained for 80 minutes, and it was just amazing to hear how much better her left hind is, it's barely possible to see it at all anymore - and this is just after 3 weeks of gymnastic riding!
Now I'm trying to get Karolina to come out as soon as possible,…

Bread that lasted one whole evening. Yum!



Today was an expensive day; it was time for the yearly service of the car. 4000 SEK to change oil basically.
Then I got lost driving home, but I managed to save myself even though I was in a foreign area in rush hour.

First strawberries


I bought one

A week flown by

I've been very sick for 10 days, today is the first day I feel almost back to normally again. This means that we missed last weeks training and I haven't been riding so Vasara is energetic like a maniac.
But today it's time for Åsa to come out and train us again, Yey!


My hands have been very dry, and cleaning Vasaras tack for hours in soap and water didn't help - my cuticles are broken and I couldn't leave them be. So - I had to bring out the antiseptic cream and lots of plaster and do an over-night wrap. It's a bit better today, thank god.

Thanks mom

Mom called me a few days ago and told me that she had bought 3 fleece blankets for Vasara at a flee market! Great because I have been looking at new ones since she only has two; one is broken an one is her "fancy" blanket that she only wears when traveling.
Thanks mom!!

Favorite hard bread



Tonie the farrier came out today to take care of my babies hooves.

Hard work

I've spent 1,5 hours today cleaning my saddle and bridle. So tired in my arms and hands, bit damn it turned out nice!

Friday, 10 am