24 hours

Yesterday was a very calm and unusual day for me. I was extremely tired the days before and ende up sleeping until 9:30. To a normal person that's not a big deal - but to me it's basically unheard of - I normally skip out of bed at seven every day. 

Then I didn't feel so good due to anxiety so I had to cancel the barbecue and trail that I was gonna participate in at the stable. Renee, bless her, offered to take care of Vasara for me so I could stay home, and I gladly accepted.

Then I slept for a few more hours, tired from the medication. Then played some skyrim and suddenly it was evening. And I couldn't sleep. So I've been twisting and turning all night until I got into the car at seven today to go to the stable early so Mathias could drive down to his parents as early as possible, as he has the day off.

To top it of, my back is acting up again with a small lumbago, so I couldn't ride.

Now I'm working on the iPad while trying to get a goodie bag at the one year celebration at Hööks in city.


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