Accidentaly cheating the system

Todat hööks at Kungsgatan celebrated 1 year with 20% off everything except Bucas and some other brands, and gicing out goodie bags to the first 100 paying customers.

Needing a few items I was taking the chance of 20 off. And of course, I had to be there at opening time, I mean who can say no to a goodie bag?

I needed a fly protection blanket for Vasara and some smaller things, so I was very sad to see that the 20% did not include Bucas items. But I didnt let that stop me - I want Vasara to have the best and ot some cheap replacement.

So I took a Bucas blanket, some sponged, some hoof oil, some saddle soap and a bandage and headed for the check out, prepared to pay through my nose. BUT - the cashier must have been confused because she gave me 20% of the whole purchase, meaning I got 20 % off my Bucas blanket too!!


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