Training for Åsa #3

On Tuesday me and Vasara had out third training for Åsa. Oh dear she I just so great!! So happy I found her!!

As Vasara had been feeling a bit weird the last week and been resting for a while due to my illness, we focused extra on gymnastic riding. And as we suspected, it's time to bring out Karolina again. Vasaras pelvis and back is looking really great, but her neck has to be unlocked a bit more, a work that Karolina started on the last treatment. Åsa rode Vasara for a while after the lesson to get her own feel for her to help me better, and also to see where and how the block in the neck is. I was wery happy to hear her say "I wanted to feel if she was as great to ride as it looks - and she was!". My baby <3

We trained for 80 minutes, and it was just amazing to hear how much better her left hind is, it's barely possible to see it at all anymore - and this is just after 3 weeks of gymnastic riding!

Now I'm trying to get Karolina to come out as soon as possible, so we can continue to train.


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