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Mot Borås



Fick present av snälla Sofie som tack för att jag var kottenvakt.


Just läst ut den 6e boken av pretty little liars; killer.
Boken börjar där den femte slutade, i den mörka skogen vid spences hus där tjejerna hittat Ian död. De springer tillbaka till festen Spencers föräldrar har, för att hämta wilden och visa honom kroppen.
Wilden beter sig underligt och har inte alls bråttom ut i skogen, säger att han behöver backup. Och självklart, när poliserna väl kommer ut i skogen finns ingen Ian kvar. Ryktet sprider sig i stan, tjejerna är lögnare som vill ha uppmärksamhet - Ian lever och är på flykt undan rättvisan.
Senare rotar de igenom melissas dator och råkar se ett IM - från Ian! Eller någon som låtsas vara Ian? Han skriver att han behövde fly, att "de" vet och att de vill låta honom få skulden. Tillslut lyckas de få honom att skriva vilka som är "de" och som egentligen är skyldiga till Alis mord - Jason och Wilden.
Under tiden har aria äntligen fått börja dejta Jason, som hon varit kär i sedan hon var liten. Tyvär…

Tack bästa marre!!!

Oj oj ok vilken städdag! Kl 10 anlände jag och marre till stallet, kl 17:30 åkte vi därifrån.... Vi:-Mockade åt kotten -Gjorde mat åt kotten -Ryktade kotten -Ryktade Vasara  -Longerade kotten -Red Vasara  -Gick igenom alla täcken och förberedde tvättning av dem (lämnas imorn) -Städade skåpet i omklädningsrummet -Städade skåpet i sadelkammaren -Skrubbade alla boxväggar -Skrubbade krubba, vattenkopp och fönster -Smörjande allt läder (sadel, 2 träns, 3 sadelgjodar, grimma, martingal...) -Diskade alla hinkar -Tvättade alla borstar och ryktlådan -Tvättade benskydden -Tvättade alla mina kläder -Åt massa gifflar -Säkert mer jag glömt.
Imorn ska jag avsluta min lista: -Lämna täckena till tvätteriet -Åka till farmen som var stängt idag och handla foder och lite småsaker -Märka om hinkarna då texten försvann vid diskningen
Snacka om att göra nytta. Och när jag kom hem dammsög jag och plockade undan och tvättade två maskiner.
Pust. Jag hade ALDRIG kunnat göra allt detta utan min underbara marre, puss på dig du är bäst…


Vasara såg ut som en lodis när jag tog in henne från hagen idag, så hon fick en storrengöring - skrubbade varenda millimeter med schampo.
När hon var klar fick hon ett badlakan över sig eftersom det var så kallt ute.
Så söt så det gör ont.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Äntligen har jag fått min klocka från Marc Jacobs. Jag fick en Michael Kors av Mathias på vår treårsdag men ville byta mot denna.
Tack älskling för min fina present!

Midsommar hos mamma


Kottens diary day 1

I love aunt Linnéa! She gave me lots of carrots and apples and groomed me for 30 minutes! The I got to canter in the riding hall and it was soooo much fun! And we kissed for several minutes intill her T-shirt was all wet.

Bad training

Yesterday's dressage training for Åsa did NOT start out good, but luckily ended perfectly. 
I was in a crappy mood and Vasara could of ourse feel this, which made her act like an ass, making me really mad at her for being so stupid, which made her act even more stupid just to piss me off some more. It was such a disaster that Åsa jumped in the saddle to see if she was in need of a new visit from the chiropractor or if something else was wrong with her, only to conclude that no, she's just fine, but so stupid! So Åsa rode for 5 minutes, basically just kicking Vasara before she could even get her to move forward as she wanted. And after that I sat back up and we could start to work normally. 
After that it went extremely well, I felt like a Grand Prix rider :)
We also continued to work a bit with short cantering over poles, and man there's such a good development I the cantering! She is so much stronger, and me too.  We had four poles this time, on a circle as usual. 
This weeken…


Today starts my week as a babysitter for Kotten, one of my favorite horses in the stable. He loves to kiss you and I love to kiss him, he is so sweet!
I will lunge him every second day and give him all the love and care his mom normally does :)

Cheval Liberte Gold One

This is the trailer I would love the most. It has always been this on so have wanted, and after making a comparison between all 6 models, this is by far the best.

It is wider than the others, and longer meaning more space for Vasara. It has the Pullman2 system included and a low weight so I don't have to worry about that. I has safety releases on the outside and to top it off its beautiful to look at and I can get it in red!

Cozy afternoon






Stockholm tempo

Old people should have their own checkout, for people who is definitely not in a rush, can't handle the card reader for their bonus card and have to pay in small change they cannot find.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against old people, it's just that I dot want to miss my bus and wait 30 extra minutes because of them.


It's getting time to buy a trailer for Vasara. The first idea was to get a bus but the monthly and yearly costs for a bus is simply too high, so we're back to a trailer.
And so, it's time to decide which trailer to get. I have found 6 that I'm interested in. They are all one-horse trailers since I done have the need for two, and don't want to buy a new car or take a special extra drivers licens to be able to get the one I want. I've always rented a two-horse trailer and it's always so blah! to make sure the trailer has the right weight etc.
The 6 trailers are: cheval gold one cheval GT1 böckmann champion uno böckmann Uno humbaur single alu henra performance 1,5 alu
Details coming.


These past 3 weeks since the last pay have been very expensive.
Mathias turned 27 = gift 1500 Chiropractor = 1100 Training for Åsa = 2000 Pay back CSN = 1800 Car service = 4000/2 = 2000 Rent = 2400 Some other bills = 500 Stable stall = 4300 Electricity = 700 Hairdresser = 2300 Credit card = 1000 Parking ticket = 500 Insurance monthly Vasara = 1200 Bucas blanket Vasara = 1200 Few lunches out = 500 Unknown = 700
Total approx: 24.000
Yeeeey two more weeks until payday.....

Girls night out

The girls were let out into the usmmer pasture yesterday, and has hence spent there first night out this night.

Vasara looked soooo happy, and couldnt belive her eyes when she saw all the food.

Vasaras former rider



Because I'm happy!

Had the third jumping training with Åsa today. O...M...G....!! I can't even remember when I had this much fun last, and it went incredibly well!

Åsa was so pleased with my riding and impressed with Vasaras jumping technique. She could hardly believe it when I told her how cheap I got Vasara, only 65 000 SEK.
We did the classic "5.5" excercise with a third obstacle afterwards.
Small cross 50 cm - 1 stride - oxer 1,05x70 broad - 4 strides - fence 75 cm.

Berga 06:54



Yesterday was dressage time as usual :) and as ususal I was euphoric afterwards, I cant belive how much fun it is, and it's just awesome to feel how we're progressing.

Now I'm riding twice a week, one dressage training and one jumping training. I does cost quite a bit of money but I feel like since I get so much out of it, and since I am FINALLY able to use my horse as planned, it's just to keep on going.

Yesterday we worked with poles on the ground, to strengthen Vasaras hind legs by making her take the extra final stride before the pole in a very composed canter. She got so tired but she did so well as always .)


Was digging for a microphone for a meeting and found heart warmin memories.


The night between Friday and Saturday my relative died after battling cancer for 14 years. 
It feels so horrible when people leave us.
I respect his wife so much, she is the very definition of strong woman.

Horse vacation

On Sunday Vasara will be released in the summer pasture. I will try to let her stay out 24/7 but we'll have to see I she can handle the flies and Mosquitos, if not I'll have to let her sleep inside.
She will be so tired the first week, I don't know how much ill be able to ride, but we'll try to continue as usual.

Heat wave

When I left home this morning, the thermometer said 32 degrees. It was sitting in the sun, but still... Dear god it has been so warm!
Like Tomas said "hot as in the devils ass". Amen.


Yesterday me and Vasara had our second jumping training for Åsa. Just like last time, it was crazy fun!! It's just wonderful, I've missed it so much.

It was great because I could really tell a huge difference compared to last time, especially in my body since the chiropractor, which made everything easer for Vasara too. Åsa was very pleased with us and could see that Vasara was already stronger than last time, and I could really feel that in combination with my new body we worked great, everything was easier.
We continued to build on the excersices from last time, to continue build strength and flexibility and control. This time, we hade one group of bounces and one with poles on the ground.

Miracle worker

Today inhad my second visit at Karolinas chiropractor bench. All I can say is: she is magic. Not only has she fixed Vasara, but now she has also fixed me. 
I went to the other chiropractor 6 bloody times and paid a lot of money, and nothing happened. The pain didnt go away, I was still all wrong and every week I went back only to hear him say that I had gotten back to where I was. So I stopped going, and all my money was gone. 
Karolina fixed all my problems in one visit. Enough said.
Today when I went back she said that I was perfect still, nothin had fallen back and she was super happy with my pelvis. And oh my god, I have felt like a new person this whole week. I haven't had any pain, I have been able to move like never before, riding Vasara was like riding a new horse becuase I could move and actually give her commands... Oh my god. And is she less expensive than the other one? Yep.
I don't have to go back for more visits, unless I feel the need later on. But we booked a follow…

Wonderful friends

A night with good friends. Nothing to add but the word WONDERFUL!!!


Today Mathias, as every year, participated in the Swedish national day regatta. They made it in 12th place and I'm so proud! :)

Zuper zebra



A tiny birds nest has been built in a corner of Vasaras stall. The proud couple were preparing for an addition to their family.

A dangerous sport

I was supposed to train for Åsa yesterday, but she had to cancel becuase she has hurt her neck when she was thrown from her new horse.
This sport is one of the most dangerous in the world. I never forget that, but I don't let it stop me.


It's the beginning of summer, which means lots of kids graduating from high school.
And so I realized - it's bloody 8 years ago I graduated and moved to New Zealand!! Holy crap!! Where did time go??

Crack snap pop

The visit to Karolina this Monday has made me a new person - I can actually moe again. She cracked both my neck, my spine and my pelvis, which was both askew an twisted.
It sounded sooo loud when she was adjusting me, and it felt so good afterwards.
I've been given lots of rules now that I have to follow so that it doesn't go bad again. For example, I can never cross my legs, I am not allowed to stand with more weight one one foot than the other, I must sit down while taking on socks and pants... Etc etc.
I have the next appointment next Monday, and I pray that it hasn't gone back to much by then. I'm so sick of being in pain.

Fire, exclamation mark, fire

When I got in the car I saw this huge smoke cloud quit close, thick black smoke rising high into the sky. Shit, there is a fire, I thought. Now, 90 minutes later, I'm back home and the smoke is still rising high. Looked in the newspaper aaaand.... Yes, fire, exclamation mark, fire! Now I will go inside and close the windows, as I am told.


On my way to Karolina Fehn, Vasaras chiropractor who is originally a human chiropractor. I'll give her a shot on fixing my back as I didn't feel like I got anywhere on my 6 visits to access rehab. 
I've been in so much pain the past days that I haven't been able to ride, and I have a constant splitting headache coming from my neck and shoulders.

I am a bit scared, sine my rib got misplaced on the last visit to access rehab, but it know Karolina is just great so I'm sure it will be fine. 
Also, it will be great since she knows Vasara and our issues, she can see why I feel things when I ride based on both my body and Vasaras, and where the issue is. Plus she also treats my trainer Åsa, so she already knows a few things that Åsa has told hetr. I love team work!
I will work from home this afternoon after the visit, and since it's in Bromma, I will pick up fruits and veggies on my way back!