Bad training

Yesterday's dressage training for Åsa did NOT start out good, but luckily ended perfectly. 

I was in a crappy mood and Vasara could of ourse feel this, which made her act like an ass, making me really mad at her for being so stupid, which made her act even more stupid just to piss me off some more. It was such a disaster that Åsa jumped in the saddle to see if she was in need of a new visit from the chiropractor or if something else was wrong with her, only to conclude that no, she's just fine, but so stupid! So Åsa rode for 5 minutes, basically just kicking Vasara before she could even get her to move forward as she wanted. And after that I sat back up and we could start to work normally. 

After that it went extremely well, I felt like a Grand Prix rider :)

We also continued to work a bit with short cantering over poles, and man there's such a good development I the cantering! She is so much stronger, and me too. 
We had four poles this time, on a circle as usual. 

This weekend well jump again! Until then, my homework is to do even more gymnastics and short canter to strengthened the hind legs. 


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