Miracle worker

Today inhad my second visit at Karolinas chiropractor bench. All I can say is: she is magic. Not only has she fixed Vasara, but now she has also fixed me. 

I went to the other chiropractor 6 bloody times and paid a lot of money, and nothing happened. The pain didnt go away, I was still all wrong and every week I went back only to hear him say that I had gotten back to where I was. So I stopped going, and all my money was gone. 

Karolina fixed all my problems in one visit.
Enough said.

Today when I went back she said that I was perfect still, nothin had fallen back and she was super happy with my pelvis. And oh my god, I have felt like a new person this whole week. I haven't had any pain, I have been able to move like never before, riding Vasara was like riding a new horse becuase I could move and actually give her commands... Oh my god. And is she less expensive than the other one? Yep.

I don't have to go back for more visits, unless I feel the need later on. But we booked a follow up in august just in case, since I had soooo much issues it's better to be safe than sorry as catch potential returning issues early on.

Shout out to the best chiropractor in the world. Karolina, you have saved both me and Vasara and I'm so grateful.


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