On my way to Karolina Fehn, Vasaras chiropractor who is originally a human chiropractor. I'll give her a shot on fixing my back as I didn't feel like I got anywhere on my 6 visits to access rehab. 

I've been in so much pain the past days that I haven't been able to ride, and I have a constant splitting headache coming from my neck and shoulders.

I am a bit scared, sine my rib got misplaced on the last visit to access rehab, but it know Karolina is just great so I'm sure it will be fine. 

Also, it will be great since she knows Vasara and our issues, she can see why I feel things when I ride based on both my body and Vasaras, and where the issue is. Plus she also treats my trainer Åsa, so she already knows a few things that Åsa has told hetr. I love team work!

I will work from home this afternoon after the visit, and since it's in Bromma, I will pick up fruits and veggies on my way back!


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