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Spring is in the air

Today me and Viktor walked around Djurgården, as his second surprise, a visit to Kokpunkten, was cancelled due to way too many kids on a school break. The weather was beautiful, the temperature was nice and the distance was perfect. We ended the day at home, watching the mummy movie.

Room escape no 2

This Saturday it was time for Viktor's surprise; a visit to the best place in the world - room escape  Stockholm. This time we played the bunker, where (as super-spies) we had one hour to stop a nuclear bomb from destroying the world.
And we managed, with almost 6 minutes to spare which is a really good achievement for just two people. Happy! Can't wait to go back to do the zombie lab!


Once again I had the please of visiting the world's best team in Odense.  As always, this meant lots of wine, good food and good fun after work.

30 before 30 follow up

When I turned 25  set up this list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. Slowly I'm crossing things off. This is the status now.
1. Buy a horse. 2. Compete in, and win, a show jumping competition. 3. Get my drivers license. 4. Participate in a 10 kilometer running race. I will run Tjejmilen In September 5. Go on a roadtrip somewhere in Europe. I will road trip with Vanja this summer. 6. Resolve my issues with my dad. 7. Move to a new, bigger, apartment and design it according to my wishes. 8. Learn to play the guitar or the piano. Will check if Sensus have a piano course.  9. Very important and very secret personal goal. Will be done in end of April.  10. Go to Italy . Will go on a weekend to Rome in a few weeks. 11. Go on a horseback riding vacation 12. Dance all night and party like it's 1999. 13. Do some kind of charity work, preferable for women or horses. 14. Start doing paintings again. 15. Write another monologue. Ongoing 16. Really clean out the attic and get rid of all the …

Taking control

We have changed pensions provider at work, and in doing so I have been offered to talk to a professional pension and insurance provider. The talk I had with the last company wasn't that great, but this time around they will actually gather all info there is about all my current insurances and existing pension accounts that have been set up by my past employers.
So - finally I will get the chance to do what I have wanted to do for many years now; move everything into one place.I will also get the chance to set up some insurances that are based on how my life is looking.All in all, very excited. I love to get control over these things!

Best gift!

When I came home today there was a wonderful gift waiting for me. My favorites Lykke and Vanja had sent me the best Valentines gift!


Vårruset in May.
Tjejmilen in September.


It's hard to believe more than one month has already passed of the new year. That's 1/12 gone already. I can hardly remember what I've been up to. I have of course spent a lot of time with Viktor. I have done some  work trips. I have been programming a lot. I have worked A LOT.I have also spent a lot of time preparing great things for the year. To start with, a weekend trip to Rome with Viktor, which is planned to march.
Me and Anna will attend a painting course, starting already on the 18th of February. I will spend Easter with Marre in Gothenburg, where its finally time for the final of the world cup in show jumping! I have a java course staring  end March to end April. In June, me and Vanja will go on an epic road trip in Italy! In July, I am going with mom to England again. And maybe, I will buy a new horse at the beginning of Autumn.I have been feeling quite puzzled and also stressed that the year so far haven't been better. I had such high hopes for this new yea…