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Benke Rydmans Nötknäpparen

After 3 months of waiting, it was FINALLY time to go see Nötknäpparen. A-mazing, although not as good as Svansjön. 
Best part of the evening was that I get to be with my 2 best friends and Dave at the same time!

4 years at FKG

When celebrating 4 years at Fristads Kansas, I selected to get a Haribo ice cream with jelly bears in it - one bear for each year. 


O-M-F-G. I need it. Now.
Like, yesterday. I can't even describe how utterly incomparable to anything else this experience was. I think I might have to skip the Christmas trip and buy this instead.

Wienercaféet with dave and snow

Dave's sisters friend Snow is in town and we had such a nice time with her, taking a little tour around the center of Stockholm and have brunch at Wienercaféet. 3 eggs Benedict and 1 cinnamon bun!

Far and away

When I turned 29 Ellinor gave me an amazing gift; to go and see far and away with her at Berwaldhallen! It was absolutely magical, music from Harry Potter, lord of the rings, game of thrones.... I didn't want to leave. And to top it of, she brought a chocolate and raspberry mini-cake for me. I was beyond happy!



Riding vacation trip?

I have found a very nice looking riding trip I think I'd like to take during this fall. Week 44 the kids will have the fall break from school and many if my colleagues will be on vacation, so I'm thinking this would be a good time to go.I have found a weekend in Sweden that sounded perfect, nature, horses and massage, and the price was very much ok. I initially wanted to go to Wales or Ireland, but these trips were just ridiculous in price as I also had to fly to get there.Will check more into this.

Back to yoga

Kroppsverkstan texted me earlier this week that my yoga card would expire this weekend, and I still had 6 unused classes on it. However, if I were to buy 10 new they would let me keep them. This was great timing as I've been thinking about starting yoga again now that I am feeling better. And, now Dave might join me in order to get more flexible before the Viking competition. Yey!So, today after work, we'll go to kroppsverkstan and buy some yoga classes and then we're all set!