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2017 New Years resolution

Last years resolution was to run the race Tjejmilen. 10 kilometers.

Due to my sick leave, this was a fail, I only managed a 5 kilometer race. 

This year, I will do something different for my resolution. It will not be an achivement, but a promise to my soul who's had enough suffering: 

I promise to do my very best this year to stress less and focus more on things that brings me energy and happiness. 

2016 - Listed

Song of 2016: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Best tv-show 2016: WestWorld

WIN 2016:  Kicking ass at the JAVA course

FAIL 2016: Sickleave due to being burnt out at work and school

Best thing that happened 2016: Meeting such wonderful new people; Dave, Cassie and Elli. 

Wish I did more 2016: Yoga

Countries I visited 2016: Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy

Best trip 2016: Roadtrip with Vanja to Italy.

Carreer 2016: Nothing to report.

Best purchase of 2016: A rice cooker. Yes, seriously. 

Fawlty towers of the year: Thai boat. Worst. service. ever. 

Word 2016

Just go with the flow. 

bra fiskat                              men fisken slet sig

2016, I salute you!

And thus yet another year has passed. 

This year in particular seems very strange and uncoherent time-wise for me. I simply cannot recall much of the year, and parts of it has passed in slow motion and other parts in fast forward. I am left with a feeling where I cant really place anything on a timeline or a feeling of 'this was 2016'.

Hopefully this salutation will help me gather my thoughts. Written, with the extreme help from my calendar and photo albums.  

January was spent in a stage of 'everyday life'. I was working, spending time with Viktor in my spare time and doing the Java course in the evenings.

The same pace went on throughFebruary.This might seem like a dull pace of life, but me re-doing my old java-course required so much time from me after my day at the office, that there was little time left for anything else. 

In March the pace really picked up. The old java course was finsihed by me, and the real new course began at full speed, taking approx 4 hours of my…

Tromsø day 5 - 22nd December

So relieved and happy from the good luck with the lights in the night, it was time to head home, mission accomplished.
One more thing crossed of the 30 before 30 list!

Tromsø day 4 - 21st December

What an amazing day!
We spent the day on the "blue day tour" which took us on a roundtrip to many beautiful places, including one spot where we got to see 8 orcas and 2 humpback whales.
On our way back, everyone was talking about how perfect the conditions were for spotting northern lights the coming night. After some contemplating we took a leap of faith - we asked our guide if he could fit us into their northern lights tour. 
The evening, we waited nervously outside a hotel, not knowing if we had a spot on a tour or not. Unfortunately the tour we wanted turned out to be packed, but the very nice man called around until he found two spots in a small car going out at the same time.
And dear Lord were we lucky... We got to see amazing northern lights even before midnight, in a G4 solar storm. This was northern lights as we'd dreamt of. 

Tromsø day 3 - 20th December

Sleeping late from the previous nights hunt, we woke up around lunch and decided to make a second stop at Egon. 
Then we took on our walking shoes and headed all the way to the science center and observatory. 
After we'd played around with all their inventions we saw their northern lights movie at the planaterium. We wanted to see some real northern lights in a movie in case we wouldn't see more before going home. 
On our way home we had dinner at Fisk Kompaniet, an amazing fish restaurant.
Then we headed back home and slept again, completely trashed from the night before. We're definitely not 18 anymore.

Tromsø day 2 - 19th December

Eagerly awaiting the evenings northern lights chase, we spent the day exploring the town. 
We visited the Tromsö museum where we learned about the history of the Tromsö region and Amundsens northern pole expedition.
Then we walked across the bridge to the other side of Tromsö to see the Arctic cathedral. The walk across the long bridge was a bit scary for both of us as the wind was so strong that the while bridge was shaking beneath our feet and we had trouble walking straight from the side winds. 
We then sat down for a late lunch/early dinner to load our stomachs before the trip of the evening.
At 18, we were loaded onto the busses heading for the elusive northern lights. We were unlucky as rain was pouring down and the sky was cloudy, and the busses took us all the way to the Finnish border in search for clear skies. We managed to see a slight stream of light, but not what we were hoping for, so while I was grateful that we had at least managed to see something, it was not what we want…

Tromsø day 1 - 18th December

Waking up at 5, which is an ungodly hour even for me.
But; two persons on a mission such as ours, have no time to complain about early mornings!Most of the day were spent travelling, we had a direct flight from Stockholm to Tromsö, and arrived at the hotel around 15.At this time, it was already pitch black. We had been joking before hand that we would only have daylight between 10 and 14, but we had no idea how wrong we were. The term daylight wouldn't be spoken at all during our trip.We ate at Egon, a really cozy and homely place that we really liked. I ate the fish soup, as I always do when it's on the menu.Then we took a shorter walk exploring the city, which was very small but nice. We spent 1,5 hours in the tourist office which seemed to have 100% of the town's tourists crammed into it. At least we came out with a trip booked for the next night - a night tour to hunt for the northern lights. Then we had to take a nap as we are not 18 anymore, before we ended the day …