The thing about transportation.....

I have been thinking quite a bit about the best (easiest/ cheapest/most convenient) way of transporting my possible future horse. 

As I see it, there are these options:
  1. Buy a horse truck and use this as the only vehicle. This option depends on how accessible the stable is using public transport. 
  2. Buy a horse truck and a very cheap tiny car for every day purposes.
  3. Buy a good sturdy SUV and a horse trailer. 
  4. Buy a good sturdy SUV and only rent a trailer when needed. 
So lets have a look at these options in more detail.

1. Buy a horse truck and use this as the only vehicle. This option depends on how accessible the stable is using public transport. 
Not really an option, the more I think about it I realize that I am too sick of public transportation to be able to do this, I need to be able to drive to the stable when I feel like it, and driving the truck will be expensive in gas and also cause an issue with parking at home due to it's size. 

2. Buy a horse truck and a very cheap tiny car for every day purposes.
By far the most expensive option, but also the most convenient, both for me and the horse. I can use a cheap small car to get to and from the stable and when I need to drive the horse we will take the truck. 
Of course, this does mean that 2 vehicles have to be purchased, and mainained, which is a huge price tag. 

3. Buy a good sturdy SUV and a horse trailer. 
This option is economically sound, as a trailer is basically a one-time cost and has a very cheap insurance. Also,  owning one SUV is affordable. So, I would vote for this option to be the most money-friendly while still being convenient. I could use the car in everyday life going to the stable.
Another good point with this option is that I had this before, so I know what car and trailer I can combine into a legal pair for my drivers license type. 
What I dont like about this option is that a trailer is less comfortable  for the horse than a truck, and a lot harder to reversing. I s-u-c-k at reversing a trailer. 

4. Buy a good sturdy SUV and only rent a trailer when needed. 
Not really an option if I want to save time and have freedom. Is the cheapest if I only drive rarely, but if I want to start competing this isnt viable, and after 1-2 years I will have paid more in rent than actually buying my own trailer that I can care for in my own pedantic ways. Plus this needs to be picked up at the rental place before I can even start anything. 

This was a very nice way of getting my thought collected and a helicopter view over the options. There are only 2 that I feel that I can really chooce between, and thats 2 and 3. And there its cost vs comfort that will have to battle it out. 

For sure, more investigations are needed. More will follow. 

Personal shopping

I have just booked my personal shopping experience at Åhlens city! So excited!

With a budget of 12 000 SEK I will try to get a new base wardrobe with timeless garments for all occations, and from quality brands only.

Cant wait! I've been wanting to do this for 3 years now.


I have FINALLY taken pictures of some of my paintings and added under the 'paintings' page- have a look!

I also FINALLY took the time to wrap them all up in bubblewrap to keep them well protected in the storage.

This task has been weighing heavily on me for a long time, and I'm so glad I finally got to it.

30 before 30 - a look at how I'm doing

As I only have 8 more months until the dreaded day I pass from being in my twenties into my thirties, a look at my 30-before-30 list is in order.

I am doing pretty well!

1. Buy a horse.
I bought my beloved Vasara 2012.

2. Pass my 5-year checkup at Mando and be declared fully healthy and "cured".
Autumn 2016 I got the final proof that I had beaten it.

3. Get my driver’s license.
April 2013 I passed on my first attempt.

4. Participate in a 5 kilometer running race.
I have run Vårruset not just once, but twice.

5. Go on a road trip somewhere in Europe.
Summer 2016 I took a road trip with Vanja through Europe down to Italy.

6. Resolve my issues with my dad.
I am so over it.

7. Move to a new, bigger, apartment and design it according to my wishes.
Moved into Hammarbyhöjden autumn 2015.

8. Learn to play the guitar or the piano.
Piano course boked february – april = on the way

9. Very important and very secret personal goal.
Achieved. I’m proud.

10. Go to Italy.
Went to Rome with Victor and on a road trip with Vanja 2016.

11. Go on a horseback riding vacation.
I will try to book this: for this spring, need to check vacation possibilities with work

12. Dance all night and party like it's 1999.
Every time I try I realize I AM OLD and TIRED. This might be the hardest challenge!

13. Do some kind of charity work, preferable for women or horses.
I have become a sponsor for Doctors without borders, UNHCR and World Animal protection. I have also become a blood donor. 

14. Start doing paintings again.
I took an acrylics course 2016.

15. Write another monologue.

16. Really clean out the attic and get rid of all the stuff I don't want to keep. Live light!
Done. Three times actually. Hardly own any crap anymore.

17. Learn how to do crocheting.
Yes, and many projects have been finished!

18. Go back to New Zealand and Australia.
Will go with Dave in the summer. 

19. Finish my laser treatments for permanent hair removal.
Ongoing, just a few visits left now. 

20. Go see a chiropractor and get help with my shoulders and neck.
Thank god for Karro.

21. Go on a crazy shoppingspree at NK/Åhléns city/mall of Scandinavia.
Will book a personal shopper for 12000 SEK at Åhléns in February when some new stuff has come in. 

22. Get a job.
Started at Fristads Kansas Group autumn 2012.

23. Get my green card.
Got it! 2012.

24. Play trough a Nancy Drew game without any help from in-game hints, walkthroughs or other sources.

25. Visit all continents, including south and north pole.
Safari in Africa 1999, Asia on trans-Siberian railway 2015, Australia 2007 (when living on new Zeeland) and 2009 (vacation), Antarctica on a cruise 2014, The artic on a cruise 2011, South America on my way to Antarctica 2014, north America 1995, 1998, 2009, 2010, Europe too many ties to count.   

26. Go on a long hike in the north of Sweden or Norway.
Conquered Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain, 2015.

27. Give a new pet a loving home.
Coco and Evita moved in summer 2016.

28. See northern lights.
Success in Tromsö with Dave 2016.

29. Experience a real hedge maze!
Will go on a trip to UK with Dave this spring, need to book!

30. Put all the things that makes me feel bad today behind me.

I am so over it. Looking forward with new challenges. 

Vasara - I miss you beyond words

When you left, you took a part of me with you. And it can never be replaced. 

I still haven't been able to mourn. I have had to survive. I miss you so much.

A new start?

Many things are going through my head at the moment.

One part of me feel like I'm having a life crisis, another part of me feels like its simply impatience, a demand that there has to be more to life than this.
(How do you define a life crisis anyway? It's not like I'm fighting urges to buy a sports car and do plastic surgery.)

What I do feel however, is that I have lost all the things that made me me. I am not riding, I am not doing any oil painting, I am not dancing, I am not singing. I am not anything anymore.
I no longer know what that is or how to get it back.
I just know that right now I am spending my life going to work and nothing else, and I don’t want that.

Some days I feel like getting a new horse. Other days I get exhausted by the mere thought.
These feelings are the results of a mixture of being dead from work, being afraid of going through a Vasara-thing again, and loosing Dave due to that I will be spending time in the stable every day.
I am also afraid that I am not good enough. That a nice horse will be wasted on me. That feeling I know all too well, it's haunted me my whole life and been my one consistent truth.

Deep inside I think I know what I have to do. It's just, I'm afraid to do it. And that is something cannot accept any longer, it's simply not who I am at heart. 

Buns, horses and presents

What a wonderful Saturday!

Ellinor picked me up at 11 am at the train station and we drove to Säby gård to have lunch and finally provide me with one of their famous vanilla creme buns that Ellinor has been teasing me with since June last year.

After a pancake lunch, I finally got to eat the bun, and I was NOT disappointed.

We then drove to the stable so that Ellinor could show me where all Heidi's stuff is so that I am prepared for the weekend in a few weeks time when I'll be taking care of her as Ellinor is going away. Looking forward to that time in the stable! I didn't met Ellinor do anything, I was way to happy getting to much out the stall and grooming etc.

Then we drove to Ellinors house where we had some tea and cake and opened our Christmas presents. Then we just chilled before it was time for me to head back home to Dave and dinner.

This was a perfect day, I am so grateful and blessed to have friends like these.

Piano course

I was planning to attend a piano course during the fall, but I missed it by a mere week as I didn't get my ass out the wagon until middle of August.

This time, I was more prepared and as soon as the course schedules came in the mail box I booked a ten week course, starting February.

Time to fetch my keyboard from the cellar and fulfill one more of my 30 before 30 goals!