Buns, horses and presents

What a wonderful Saturday!

Ellinor picked me up at 11 am at the train station and we drove to Säby gård to have lunch and finally provide me with one of their famous vanilla creme buns that Ellinor has been teasing me with since June last year.

After a pancake lunch, I finally got to eat the bun, and I was NOT disappointed.

We then drove to the stable so that Ellinor could show me where all Heidi's stuff is so that I am prepared for the weekend in a few weeks time when I'll be taking care of her as Ellinor is going away. Looking forward to that time in the stable! I didn't met Ellinor do anything, I was way to happy getting to much out the stall and grooming etc.

Then we drove to Ellinors house where we had some tea and cake and opened our Christmas presents. Then we just chilled before it was time for me to head back home to Dave and dinner.

This was a perfect day, I am so grateful and blessed to have friends like these.


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