Returning to Odense

Finally it was time for the whole team, me, tomas and henrik, to go back to Odense and visit the best team in the world. AND the nicest office in the world!

I left home at 05:30 on monday morning and met tomas on the train to the airport. When we landed in Copenhagen we met Henrik, and together got into our rental car and drove to Odense.

Arriving in the afternoon, we chose to spend the rest of the day at our own office, before crashing at the hotel.

Tuesday morning, we went to Hesehus, and had a great day. In the evening, we went out to have tapas at a restaurant which had a tapas train! It was like a sushi train but with tapas. really good!

Wednesday the guys served up a whole table filled with baked goods, knowing how jealous I get every time they tease me with eating cake and telling me how good it is.

At 3 PM it was time for me and Henrik to say goodbye and head to the trainstation. It's always sad leaving the team, they are my closest collegues and simply the best.


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