40 things before 40


In September I'm turning 30, and hence I will need a new list of achievements for the next milestone; 40.

Even thinking of that number gives me the shakes.

Anyway, prepared as always, here is my understanding construction 40-before-40 list.

1. Eat at Quay.

2. Eat at the Fat Duck.

3. Hike up another​ mountain.

4. Record a song in a studio.

5. Grow a plant from seed to fully in bloom.

6. Go on a cruise onboard a luxury ship.

7. Read all the books in my bookshelf.

8. Visit Ullared and experience the chaos.

9. Visit Galapagos.

10. Attend a masquerade.

11. Get a divers certificate.

12. Buy a VR system.

13. Pay off my student loan.

14. Try one of those fish peducures where they eat the dead skin of your feet.

15. Visit Kokpunkten in Västerås.


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