40 things before 40

Since I've reached 30, I will need a new list of achievements for the next milestone; 40.

Even thinking of that number gives me the shakes.

Anyway, prepared as always, here is my 40-before-40 list.

1. Eat at Quay.
Sydney 2017

2. Eat at the Fat Duck.

3. Hike up another​ mountain.

4. Record a song in a studio.

5. Grow a plant from seed to fully in bloom.

6. Go on a cruise onboard a luxury ship.
Cruise in Alaska in 2018!

7. Read all the books in my bookshelf.

8. Visit Ullared and experience the chaos.
Trip with Vanja and the caravan - best shopping trip ever!

9. Visit Galapagos.

10. Attend a masquerade.

11. Get a divers certificate.
Turns out my operated ear cant equalize. Will never be able to dive. Passed the course and managed to do the very shallow dives though....

12. Buy a VR system.
Oculus Rift is in the house.

13. Pay off my student loan.

14. Try one of those fish peducures where they eat the dead skin of your feet.
Gift from Anna 2017 - thanks!

15. Visit Kokpunkten in Västerås.
Visit in March 2019 with Dave!

16. Go on a hike in New Zealand.
Hike in Coromandel, 2017

17. Experience a crazy storm!

18. Get lost in a sunflower field.

19. Stay at big old castle for a weekend.

20. Do 48 hours of no-technology.

21. Do indoor skydiving.
Check! Did it with Dave as his birthday present 2019. Was a bit dissapointing to be honest. 

22. Go dogsledding.

23. See a crystal clear sky full of stars.

24. Go to Paris.
Trip with Dave, 2019

25. Go RIB-boating.
Work kick-off 2018

26. Attend a OCR (Obstacle Course Race).

27. Go to New York and shop until I drop.

28. Go to Japan.

29. Finish watching Pretty Little Liars.
Best. show. EVER.

30. Bake an amazing cake, might become a #nailedit.

31. See a stand-up comedy show.
Russel Peters, Stockholm 2018

32. Clean all photos on my PC, approx 160 gb.

33. Be selected to go on to the stage during a magic show.
David Haines did 2 tricks with me during the Alaska trip AND I got my dream fulfilled when Brynolf&Ljung took me on stage and outside on camera. 

34. Visit a haunted location.

35. Go on an hot air balloon.
Check! Hunter Valley in the sunrise, 2019. 

36. Attend a proper wine tasting.
Done and drank. In a real wineyard in Hunter Valley, none the less!

37. Clean out the cellar storage once more - live even lighter!
I hardly own any 'stuff' anymore - it is truly amazing.

38. Get a ribbon on a real show jumping competition with Trygve.

39. Finish my huge cross stitch I've been working on since 2014.
It's done... I can hardly believe it!

40. Finish my book for Young Adults.


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