Light Girl

Born: 2012, Germany
Gender: Mare
Color: Brown
Breed: Hanoverian

Stallion: Light On
Mare: Chakira

It felt like I waited for an eternity for Light Girl, but when I met her I just knew she was the one, and the wait was worth it.

She came to Sweden, and me, in June 2018.

We are now focusing on getting to know each other and I can't wait to start our competition route.


Born: 2011, the Netherlands
Gender: Mare
Color: Dapple grey
Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Stallion: Cavalier
Mare: Promisses Aporche

I bought Gramy in the autumn of 2017. She was freshly imported from the Netherlands. Our goal was to compete in show jumping. Unfortunately she had an injury which made it impossible for me to keep her.

Gramy is one of the most amazing horse I've ever had the honor to meet, I am so grateful she was mine even for a short time. 

I will come visit you my darling. 


2004 - 2015
Gender: Mare
Color: Brown
Land: Lithuania
Breed: Lithuanian riding horse

Stallion: Kabriolets
Mare: Vike
Dam Sire: Vikis
Noticable lineage: Caletto 1 & Cor de la Bryere

Breeder & owner
Breeder: Jolanta Berzonskiene
Owner: Linnéa Nordlund

I bought Vasara straight from the breeder in 2013. I looked into her eyes and I just knew that it was her and I that were meant to be together. We had an amazing time together with so much love, but with constant bad luck with injuries. The summer of 2014 she got a very serious injury from another horse in the pasture, and after fighting for 10 months to heal, she had to galopp on the the evergreen fields. The pain from loosing Vasara will forever be a part of me. 


20/5 1980 - 19/10 2000
Gender: Mare
Color: Red roan
Land: Sweden
Breed: New Forest 

Stallion: Nasser
Mare: Amanda

We bought Karolina when I was around 10 years old. She was a category D pony bred for jumping and she was my very best friend. We had so much fun together, and when she died she took my soul with her. It took almost 10 years before I wanted to get a new horse. 


Pelle was my very first pony. I got him when I was around 3 or 4 years old. He was the tiny companion to my mothers thoroughbreeds at the Täby racetrack, and after we sold him he went on to competing in pony racing. Pelle was a typical Shatland pony with a very strong will and could simply lie down on the ground when he felt he had wored enough for one day. With me still in the saddle....


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