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Very soon, Monday at the latest, I will know whether the green card course will be held or not. Eva who is responsible for the course sent me an email telling me that 5 people are confirmed but they are supposed to be seven in order for the course to take place... She had asked the riding club if they could hold it anyway and was awaiting their answer.

God I hope it will be ok! Like I've said before, it's so freaking hard to find a course to participate in and I really need to get my card this fall if I want to be able to compete within the next year.

The only reason why I would be glad if it did not take place would be my horrifying economical situation... ^^

Please please pleeeeease!!

Cleaning out my closet

Feels good, looks good, everything is organized.... <3

Oh, and I have 10 boxed.... 10! of teddy bears.

My favorite thing

Omg I looooove cleaning and organizing! So today we decided to fix Marres bedroom :D it turned out great and was probably the most efficient birthday ever haha.

Congratulations my dear!

Today's Marres 24th birthday. Congrats babe! And yey! for still being young and naive :P

Bloody hell!

Just paid 200 SEK in order to travel 8 times on the subway. This is a fucking joke!!!

But I had no choice, I couldn't afford 800 for a monthly travel card. Omg....!

This has to last at least a month. I will have to walk Everywhere. (since Mathias broke my bicycle)


The renovation of the last stable is almost finished. If everything goes according to plan the horses will be moving in to the new stables next Friday... Which also happens to be my birthday :)

It will be so nice to have the stables going back to normal, I'm sick of having to endure renovations and rebuildings and whatever, wherever I am. It's stressful!

A special day

Soon I'll be on my way to marre, carrying a (pink) gift............

Nisse... My beloved Nisse.

In mars we bought this sweet, lovely, nice little car. He made his way into my heart immediately and has been there since. Our first car.

And now it's time to say goodbye. We have sent Nisse to the junk yard. He was very broken but has taken us everywhere, so bravely. But winter is coming and we haven't got the money to take him through it. I feel so sad! I love that car.

The good news; We will save, per year:
4800 parking + 2000 tax + 4500 insurance = 11300. That means about 1000 SEK per month. And fuel isn't included.... We will definitely need a car further on, and will buy one sometime in the spring. We need it for the horse and everyday life. But that's then.

Nisse, thank you for everything, I will miss you so much.

The splits

Omfg Im sooo fucking close!!
Come on, keep pushing....!

Colors, face markings and leg markings - 3

We are finished with the different markings and it's time to look at colors! Wow there are sooo many...! Therefore I'll to this only in Swedish ^^

This is the final part of this theme, tomorrow we'll look at stretching.

I have taken all this from wikipedia.







 Gold champagne

Amber champagne

Classic champagne


 Mörk fux






 Ljus isabell


Konstanskimmel på brun bas







 Blekt rapp