New theme: parts, skeleton and muscles

So after many days of riding exercises, I have built quite the library of great exercises to choose from when the riding inspiration has taken a time out. Its time to move on for a while, and as I strongly believe that any person who believe that he or she is fit to handle horses always should strive to gain new knowledge. Hence, a new theme focusing on learning continues.

The new -of the day theme will handle the horses body. From the basic "name the part" (there are always some parts you do not know by heart which you may need when contacting a vet during an emergency) to more complex parts like muscles and muscle groups and how the skeleton is built.

This theme will have 5 parts.

Enjoy, and study hard! ;)


  1. Oh no, will there be a test?!
    Du borde göra ett avsnitt/tema om massage och streatchning


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