Nisse... My beloved Nisse.

In mars we bought this sweet, lovely, nice little car. He made his way into my heart immediately and has been there since. Our first car.

And now it's time to say goodbye. We have sent Nisse to the junk yard. He was very broken but has taken us everywhere, so bravely. But winter is coming and we haven't got the money to take him through it. I feel so sad! I love that car.

The good news; We will save, per year:
4800 parking + 2000 tax + 4500 insurance = 11300. That means about 1000 SEK per month. And fuel isn't included.... We will definitely need a car further on, and will buy one sometime in the spring. We need it for the horse and everyday life. But that's then.

Nisse, thank you for everything, I will miss you so much.


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